The Sims 4 Rewards


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The Sims 4 recommended system requirements revealed, hope you have a Core i5

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The New Create a Sim and Animation in Sims 4


Are you excited for The Sims 4 game to come out? You should be. The newest installment in the ever popular Sims franchise features a whole new way to customize your Sims just how you want them. You can even make a Sim that looks just like you. The wide variety of changes players can […]
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The Faces of the Sims 4


The Sims are back and better than ever, offering both new characters and old favorites for the ultimate playing experience. Here are just a few of the faces you can expect to see in The Sims 4. Landgraab As the wealthiest and most troublesome family in Oasis Springs, you can always count on the Landgraabs […]
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Knowing the Score: The Music of The Sims 4


When The Sims 4 is released for Microsoft Windows on September 2, game players will likely be enthralled by the character customization options but they’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the game’s music. This year’s version of the game has much improved graphics, fewer load screens, less career options and a much more enhanced auditory […]
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