The Sims 4 Trailer

The Sims 4 Trailer

The Sims 4 have arrived. Are you ready? Check it out!


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  • Ladybird

    So will this be more like a MMO?

  • Matt

    Will there be online multiplayer, all the time? So you can build with a few friends and live together and help each other out with bills and such? Would love it if you made it multiplayer! :)

  • Isaac

    I think it is the sims 4 trailer.I abselutly love it,and I hope it will be the new game!I also am extremely exited for the sims 4 to come out!I hope….. Wish the sims 4 creators will do their best on making the game more realistic.This will be a great game as of my a opinion.I can’t Wait!OH! When will the sims 4 come out?

    • Isaac

      One word S.I.M.S.(Spectacular,Intelligant,Magnificant,sims.)

    • Ash Ketchup

      This person certainly doesn’t know when will Sims 4 come out because this site is in no way affiliated with EA. No one knows when will Sims 4 come out because EA hasn’t announced it yet. All we can do is wait. They still have some expansions for Sims 3 coming in, and they are making good cash on it, so it probably won’t be as soon as we would like.

      • Dede ;x

        It has been anounced! -_- And it was REALLY SOON!

  • Samantha

    I love the The Sims games!!!

  • anita moghadam

    i like to play the sims

  • Eva

    I’m waiting for sims 4. i’ve had almost all of them, and my best friend and ! would love to play the Sims 4!
    I’m excited about it!
    Love, 13 year old dutch girl.

    • Dede ;x

      The same as you. But im not dutch =)) Im romanian

  • Arielle

    This is far too lame to be the actual Sims 4 trailer.

  • Builder

    Doesnt it bother anyone that not a single wall texture lines up with the wall next to it?

  • naya

    I love the sims have all of them. I highly doubt this is real because they most likely won’t use the exact same music. Am I right or am I left? lol

  • Georges

    I don’t think it’s the real one. The rooms are too dark… (There is no color). and the graphics arenn’t as good as sims 3 . I hope they’ll make a new game soon!!!

  • Marie

    Does it bother anybody that it’s first person? How many Sims trailers have been first person, then bird’s eye? And it’s too low of a quality, definitely fake.

  • shadedria surman

    I wish you could release the sims 4 in 2013 instead of 2014. I just got university and im board already waiting for the next 1!!!!!!

    • Simsgeek

      u should just be lucky u got sims university

  • Bossemnflossem

    You know what I think the Sims 3 needs more than anything? To be able to have the option to control only 1 sim in a household. All the other creative control except the ability to actually be a Sim. That way it’ll allow for non clicking movement as well as they would have to get rid of rabbit holes. And it would also be more realistic.

    • Euhuu

      Um…Not to be rude or anything but there a option to control only 1 sim in a household you can look in the menu and find it

  • EA-Games

    Sorry to inform you all…this is not the sims 4 trailer its trailer has ben release yet.

    The trailer is from one of the citybuilding games.

  • KevjnJohnson

    I really love The Sims game, and specially The Sims 3
    I of course wait very much for The Sims 4
    So can you reup the video?

  • Simsgeek


    This video has removed as a violation of Youtube’s policy against spams, scams, and commercially deceptive content.

  • james

    sim 4 should have better a hair style like dreads , 360 wave , and make curly hair . and have tatoos and nike shoe, additas shoe, and under armor and have a basketball court and a middle school and high school and elementary and a whole lot of houses and student and make 2 of each like you can try out for the school basketball team and you can play and have 2 collages and alot and diffrent nieborhood and have a pro league for football and have thing like you can see what your sim is doing in school work and ect. and have a lot of school and have coaches and girl hair style have curl hair and and have better shoes and have thedreads they have in 2k11 and have a hair place and a mall have soccer and a lot of teen in the game and have more food place and have a basketball hoop like kids amerture and pro you can have at your house and make the skill level at 15 and more food place and brush also have and for basketball some teen should be able to dunk so that all u need so thant and have it for ps3 sim4

    • April

      Yes you could get all that on the sims 3 store, curly hair is very hard to make and is a big file so thats why its not in the game, and anyway, Maxis has posted that Sims 4 is coming 2014

    • Simsgeek

      Sims should do a lot of things EA is just really stupid. You know they got voted worst game company of the year. A lot of there games are screwed up because EA rushes there workers too much. If EA took the time, the sims and there other video games would end up a lot better.

  • Kevjn Johnson

    I’ve watched a lot of TS4 Trailers in YouTube, but now, they haven’t been deleted, because they are FAKE
    And if this is FAKE, like @EA-Games said, why have it been deleted???

  • Taheera

    I would love to go inside buildings and actually control my sim at work rather than stare at the building whilst I fast forward lol

    • Simsgeek


  • Paige T

    I agree with Kvjn Johnson. If this were fake it wouldn’t have been removed. I wish I could have seen it though :(

    • Kevjn Johnson

      I’m sure there must be something about the REAL The Sims 4 in that video :)

  • Yepi Games

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  • Jessica

    i didnt get here early now youtube removed it D:

  • Jason

    I think they should make the sims4 castaway

  • Cyber Toon

    “policy against spam, scam”, Since when has youtube had a policy against spam, scam, etc….?

  • chantelle

    Hi everyone I hope for rain in the base game and in create a sim that you can put on a jacket with every outfits please that would be amazing if you can do that and to wear any outfit when your pregnant please look at my ideas.

    • Simsgeek131

      They do have rain, in Sims 3 seasons

  • Edward

    I want to know if the sims 4 will have online interactions!!!

  • supernaturalfan

    the sims 4 should have hair style for all types of people. all of the ones ive played never had peircing and the sims 3 supernatural tattoos sucked. besides theres alot of punk cene and emo teens out there who play it as well but never any hairstyles for them most of the time. :/ they need to get better clothing a well.

  • Lucy

    I think sims 4 should not be rushed. EA should take there time and
    Have this game for play station 3. All I am seeing amongst the Internet
    Is sims 4 pc and mac. Is sims 4 coming out on ps3 for certain
    as expansion packs for pc is too much. The memory data is too much
    for the expansion packs

    so would prefer this on ps3 and would prefer if they included weather, seeing your sims in buildings such as seeing the children in there school learning.
    Seeing your sim in school and work not just waiting till your sim
    Has finished there school or workday.
    Also it would be great if you could actually see your sim in buildings
    And there vehicle like grand theft auto.