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The sims 4

The sims is a game developed by EA Maxi that you can play on computer but also on games console.

Number one of the life simulation games The Sims 4 stood out in the market of videogames and had been the best-selling of the life simulation games.

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Created by Will Wright this game had great succes and still continue to be very popular. The principle of this game is to manage a character in a world close to reality in a totally autonomous way. Actually there are four versions of this game but there is many extensions offering many worlds.

The sims universe :

The world of sims is limited to a city that you can name.

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This city is built in different neighborhoods, residential, downtown, country …. Your sims evolve in this universe according to your desires
Firstly The Sims is a game fully customizable, you can create the character and the house of your choice.

The game begins with a special menu where you will create your character.
You want a character with green Hair and a long nose? It is possible!
The body, face, hair and clothes can be personalized but also his aspirations and tastes !
Then you give your sims a name and chose a land or an existing home.

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If you want to build your house yourself it is also possible ! Then create the house of your dreams according to your budget. Indeed when you begin the game your budget is limited. You must find a job to earn money Or maybe …. marry someone rich! It is your sims and therefore your rules, imagination is not restricted in this game.
This is how you can also select all the furniture in your home and create an atmosphere that suits you.

You can change everything from the sofa to the living room chandelier!
What job you want for your sims? Policeman or thief ?

Politician or soldier everything is possible, look in the newspaper or go directly to the establishment of your future job. Once you are engaged you can evolve in your career and get promoted. Being the president of your city is possible as long as you make efforts and work hard.

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But may be that a life of hard work does not suit you, then prefer the trifle and find someone rich. Go meet your richer neighbors and create links!
The social aspect in The Sims is very present and you can become very popular.

You will simply need to take care of your friendship regularly. As you can see a world of unlimited possibilities are offered to you!

The sims 4: The latest invention of will wright :

Each game of The Sims had surprised us by their originality. The first was simple but captivating and over the years the development of the game had been more spectacular.
With the sims 4 images we reach a new level of life simulation game.
It first appeared on the market in September 2014.

This new version aims to be more intuitive especially in creating his character but also his home and during interactions between sims. All this modifications make the game more easy to play and more comfortable.

But one of the innovation that stands out is the appearance of emotions.
Indeed in other games the sims could feel tired, upset or sad but the range of emotion is now more varied.

The emotion of sims is obviously dictated by what surrounds him and is very changeable as our own.

The desire of the sims creator was to get closer to the human being so it can be easier for the player to identify with the characters. The fact of creating emotions and include them in a game translates this desire for a life simulation game close to reality.
This new version reveals some defects but which can be understood.

We will notice, for example, less realistic graphics but that allow people with slow computers to play.

But also the fact that it is no longer possible to walk around the city as in the previous game.

This is also why this game did not have the expected success and disappointed many fans.

Particularly by the expectation it generated during its delayed output but also by the fact that it was very limited and focused heavily on social interactions.

Despite this it remains a very good game which still seduces a lot of fans. The extensions of this game is not yet very numerous.

We can find an extention “at work” which offers additional career for your Sims. But also kits of objects “Luxury nights” and “patio atmosphere”.
Many versions of the sims 4 are available today, the classic version or the deluxe collector version.
The best is of course to make his own opinion so go ahead and start your adventure!

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