All about Sims 4 – Get famous

    Sims 4, new update, sims 4 Get Famous
    Sims 4, new update, sims 4 Get Famous

    You want to break into the world of show biz with your sim? Or do you want to be on top of a star career? Released on October 16, the Sims 4 – Get famous is a new extension of the series. It was implemented in order to offer a new universe to fans. Your sims can now afford the luxury of becoming a celebrity. Several accessories will embellish your sims in their career as actors and superstar.

    Sims 4 – get famous: presentation

    On October 16th, the game developer of The Sims 4 released a brand new extension. This is Sims 4 – Get famous. This series promises a new adventure for gamers. Besides, this game has been designed for PC or Mac owners for the moment.

    Do you want to become a star? This is the kind of game offered by this new extension, Sims 4 Get famous. Your sims may be lucky to have a celebrity lifestyle. In this series, a city has been specially designed to become a star. It’s Del Sol Valley. There are several places frequented only by the headliners like nightclubs, parks or luxury villas. Rich in creativity, the most important thing in this new update is to seduce the other sims in order to gain a notoriety.

    Sims 4 – Get famous: the accessories available for your sims

    Like the big movie stars, every sim can become actors. They can follow the same path as these celebrities through many means. The easiest tool to attract fans is social networks. Your sims have the privilege of creating accounts and winning followers. But to facilitate the integration of your sims in this world, you first need a perfect makeover: make-up, go to beauty salons and so on. It is also important to work one’s actions to have a better chance of integrating into the world of actors.

    To become an actor, your sims must go through theaters. In order for them to gain some experience, playing a few scenes would be a good start. It is necessary in order to gain a notoriety. Your sims could become a beginner. And this can develop over time.