The Sims 4 Arrival Official Trailer

    Welcome to The Sims 4, the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before.

    In The Sims 4, create new Sims with intelligence and emotion. Experience all new intuitive and fun creative tools to sculpt your Sims and build unique homes. Control the mind, body, and heart of your Sims, and bring your stories to life — all of this is possible in The Sims 4.

    The Sims 4 will be available for PC in 2014.

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    1. I have loved Sims for thee longest time, BUT I REALLY REALLYYYYY hope to see, in the Sims 4, is customization for: 1. height- there is always body customization but never height. I feel that I can never truly make myself or people I know because Sims characters are always the same ht. 2. hair- it is not the color options that bother me because the color choices have gotten better but it is the fact that I cannot make hair long or short for a certain style that I like and I cannot customize the hair line in how hair is parted. plus, there is no way I could make bangs or hair choppy to add edge or even layers. 3. clothes- for example, sometimes I really like shirts but they seem to not fit my character at times because I cannot make a certain shirt either loose or tight, short or long, round collar or V-neck, and have quarter sleeves/short sleeves/long sleeves. 5. furniture- make furniture either big or little. sometimes I do like a couch but it does not fit into my floor plan because it only a 3-seater and I need a 2-seater love couch. also, I would really adore to have an extreme long table so I could actually seat many guests or my whole family. usually I could get like up to four seats…sometimes the ones that can seat 6 (3 ppl on one side and 3 ppl across on the other side)the person in the middle chair gets stuck or cannot move. why not have the 6-seater tables have 2 and 2 across and then one and one on the ends. <- I know I could set up the table like that but the Sims characters will not sit at the ends. so it would be nice if they could. also to seat my family of 8 all at one time would also be nice. so having tables to be able to stretch out or become wider/thinner or round/oval/square/rectangle/triangle? would be amazing. I really hope see more customizable aspects. 5. Age- I like how there is a young adult and regular adult now, but I still would like to see an infant/baby, toddler, young child, preteen, teen, young adult, adult, elder, and/or an even older elder. THEN MAYBE JUST AN IDEA: 1. since there are more emotions involved, why not have them sweat or have chills or maybe even have the Sims characters cheeks turn red when they blush, run, get hot or cold, embarrassed, nervous, excited or angry. <–maybe we could choose when our Sims characters do so. give a list of options when to turn red (a lot or a little) at given times and select which ones. this is not a big deal to have but it is just an idea. =)2. also, I hear of a lot of people wanting teen pregnancy, which actually I have kind of wanted to make my characters become pregnant young too or maybe have a lady adult to do it with an elder. <- that is only because I had this one adult lady that I loved playing and she fell in love with an other adult in the game but I made her deal with her career first and when I wanted her to get married and start her life with this guy and have kids…the next day he turned into an elder and I was devastated that I could not make her have both her career and love. so I had to make a guy for her to meet and settle with him. I do realize having those aspects are controversial but they do happen in real life. I think it would be interesting but not necessary. In conclusion, PLEASE let there be custom height changes!!!! <3 thank you.


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