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    The Sims 4

    The Art of Creating A Sim

    Ever since Sims 4 was announced to the world at Gamescom in Germany, hardcore fans have been anticipating the revamped Create A Sim feature. This version allows gamers to create Sims in almost any way they like, having a wide range of options to assist the most creative Sim’s gamers.

    The Sims 4 Trashed The Slider

    One of the most annoying aspects of the previous Create A Sim feature was the mode through which attributes were selected. For many of the attributes, a slider was used to select a certain degree of that attribute on a sort-of continuum.

    It was tedious work, slowly inching the slider to try and best match the desired characteristics of the Sim being created. With the new Sims game, players will be able to directly mold and shape the features of their sim by utilizing the mouse. Much like an artist sculpts a sculpture, players will be able to more easily create Sims to their liking.

    The Sims 4

    Utter Manipulation In Creation

    The new Create A Sim feature will have the most direct manipulation ever conceived when it comes to creating human-like computer simulations. For example, the player will be allowed to freely manipulate bodily features, such as the thighs, shoulders, feet and chest.

    These are only a few examples, so The Sims 4 will offer much more. Additionally, disparate facial structures will be a huge part of creating an authentic representation of different human ethnicities.

    The Sims 4

    A New Sense of Fashion

    In the past, the fashion sense behind The Sims was very limited, but thanks to player feedback, a whole slew of new accessories have been added to the Create A Sim feature. Gamers will finally match hats with their Sim’s hair-do. Moreover, specific accessories will conform to the style of most other accessories being worn.



    1. I’m not a computer person and definitely not an artist but I wonder if it would be possible for the creators/animators to add a feature to create a sim that would allow you to over lay a picture from your own computer files to help you replicate an actual photo? Wouldn’t that be cool? You could create any person you had a picture of. Any way, just an idea that I’m not sure is even possible.

    2. To whoever can answer.
      Why don’t you make a version of Sims 4 that doesn’t have the blurring? I love the game but that is one thing that has always driven me nuts. I can understand there has to be a version for kids to be able to play seeing as that is who the game is for, but for the older people that play it the blurring is more just annoying. Still i will most likely get Sims 4 when it comes out.

      Thank you

      • There is a way to get around the blurring in Sims 3, you can download a mod for the game, NRAAS has great ones, you can make your game more for grown ups with those. When the Sims 4 comes out there should be mods available to get rid of blurring and much more it might just take some time.

    3. i want the sims 4 for xbox 360 and hope there is a option to have the blurs off and on if wanted. like in the settings and if so have side bangs for hair and curly hair too. and hispanic type skin tones. and like when you go into stores and stuff. not have you just looking at the doorway you can see inside the building and see what your sim sees. and the same thing for in your home on sims you like you walk into a room and you see what your sim sees not just the wall.

    4. Awesome! What kind of facial features are we talking about
      though? Will we get to have the distinct facial construction that is unique to
      every ethnic identity along with the change in skin tone? I would love to have
      this option!

    5. Can’t wait to try these new features! I
      really want my sim to look like me (yes, I love my face, deal with it) and it’ll
      be so much fun to sculpt her face to look like mine! But for body dimensions, I’ll
      definitely be making some changes, ahem =P


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