Enjoy the new The Sims 4 expansion pack at this festive time

    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Holiday pack Celebrations
    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Holiday pack Celebrations

    It’s December! Your dream becomes reality. At this festive time, Electronic Arts has updated its simulation life game. It’s the Sims 4 Holiday pack celebrations. It is composed by several new objects which decorate your Sims’ home and the street as well. This is a great offer to celebrate Christmas between families or sometimes with friends as well.  Thanks to that festive period, gamers will have the opportunity to play that video game according to their feeling and their point of view.

    What make this Holiday pack celebrations different?

    It is entirely free to download this holiday pack celebrations. This new expansion contains several decorations about the holiday season and much more. And, gamers can change the cabinet of its Sims. This is the best time to bring a little touch of Christmas to the lifestyle of your Sims.

    It is possible to decorate the house of your Sims with all kinds of Christmas items. You can start hanging beautiful lights and garlands; and then place a snowman on your lawn. For more decoration, sticking flake stickers to your windows bring the originality. And to conclude, play Christmas carols through the Christmas party wall and prepare the gifts. For now, it’s as funny to wear a horrible sweater, elf or reindeer hat. It’s just to laugh with the family.

    Electronic Arts has brought more activities this year

    News Christmas items? Sims 4 has brought new decorations that are:

    • holiday table and the new nutcracker sculpture,
    • fireplace where you decorate with garlands,
    • new holiday candle,
    • and centerpiece
    • Holiday Cracker; a small object that contains surprises like: gentle joke, badly written and much more.

    Now you can enjoy the home of your Sims and start the party.