First official look of The Sims 4 will be revealed on August 21

    August 21 will be a big day for fans of The Sims, a series of life simulation games developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio. The first official look at the game will happen at a video game trade fair in Germany.

    The Official Tweet

    The Sims 4

    The announcement came on June 18, 2013 from the official The Sims 3 Twitter account. It read, “Big Announcement! #TheSims4 will be revealed in Gamescom in Germany! The game will take the @EA stage to show off the game. #TheSimsLB”


    Gamescom, a place for video game developers to show off their latest games, is a five day event. The dates are set for August 21-25 this year. Over 80 countries and 600 exhibitors will be represented.

    Back to Basics

    The Sims 4

    The Sims started out as a single-player computer game, but eventually reached other systems and became an online game that many people could play together. Some people didn’t like the way The Sims seemed to be headed, which might be why creators have decided to go back to the basics. Set to be released in 2014, The Sims 4 will be an offline, single player game for Windows and Mac computers.

    More Activity for The Sims

    Some websites that are about The Sims have been invited to a special event so they can find out more about The Sims 4. This will happen in late August, too, so fans should be prepared for even more activity about the video game.

    The first look at The Sims 4 will be on August 21, but that’s only the beginning. There’s bound to be even more news From August until the game is released.



    1. I will probably buy Sims4, but I was hoping u would be able to “in game chat” like to many of the other games are. It’s hard to play the game while chatting about the game while on the phone. I hope also the game is more exciting, it gets to be a routine. I hope for awesome furniture, clothes and sims. Can I hope to have an octopus in my aquarium? 😀 And my sim needs more of a purpose rather than worrying about what other sims think of my sim. The game needs to be exciting and a challenge.

    2. I just hope for the following:

      Error 12 will not be a problem at all, and less errors in general
      Ability to change height in Create-a-Sim
      The same format for food as Sims 2 on Playstation 2
      Less glitches!

      If it’s able to let two people play online together in the same town, that would be awesome too.

      I’m going to buy the Sims 4 no matter what, though!

    3. I hope that the game save is like Sims 2 and not Sims 3. I didn’t like how I had to save my families progress on it. Game save should be by family not by neighborhood.

    4. I love Sims 4, especially the new way of creating a Sim. I thought about the ability to change height, make glowing eyes/glittery skin and such. It would also be awesome if Sims 4 was sort-of online. What I mean by that: You can play with friends, but not with strangers. Only with people you have in your friends list.


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