Get to know “The Sims 4”

    The Sims 4 Screenshot

    One of the most unique and widely appealing games of the last decade has been the Sims franchise. Not only has it attracted children, teenagers and adults over the years, but it has also built a name as the top life simulator on the market.

    The consistent purpose of the games has always been to tend to the needs and desires of the Sims, often by building and furnishing a home, finding a job and building relationships with other Sims. Fans are rejoicing in anticipation of the newest game, The Sims 4, because it is slated to provide much more dimension for the characters.

    The Sequels

    The Sims 4

    The first two sequels to The Sims were slightly more three-dimensional than their predecessor. The Sims were able to express stronger emotions and personalities; however, the games were still geared toward meeting physical needs. The characters could be simply happy or sad, but there were no long-lasting effects of these emotions.

    The Sims 4

    Changes to the Sims 4 will include stronger emotions that will control the game, rather than the previous takeover of physical needs. Sims will have the opportunity to feel anger, depression, jealousy and happiness. Unlike in previous games, these emotions will influence the way a character behaves. Instead of using objects simply to please the characters, the items surrounding a Sim will influence their entire emotional state.

    Object Interaction and Life Events

    The Sims 4 Screenshot

    Rather than merely observing the items around their homes, Sims will interact with them. The decorations on the walls can change the entire mood of a party. Life issues like divorce and death will significantly impact Sims, rather than allowing them to go on with life as usual.

    These life events will create longer-lasting feelings and emotions, establishing characters with three dimensions. There is no need to fear that everything your Sims will experience is negative. Getting married, having a baby and receiving a promotion at work can bring up the mood significantly.

    The Sims 4 is all about creating a story that can parallel real life. Evolution is an important component of any franchise, and gaming is not excluded. This game will provide more depth than its previous versions. The Sims are beginning to behave much more similarly to the humans playing the game.