The Comprehensive Guide to Killing a Sim in the Sims 4

    Unlike in the previous The Sims games, killing off a Sim in The Sims 4 is a lot harder than you might think. There’s no more pools to accidentally drown in, nor are there any of the many dangers that existed thanks to the expansion content that the previous games had.

    The interesting thing about Sims in The Sims 4 is that they can die in completely new ways that reflect the way real people might die.

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    These ways can be divided into two major categories: natural and emotional.

    Below is a short list of every type of death, as well as how these deaths might occur in your game.


    The age-old killer of Sims. The difference in The Sims 4 is that fires can move across rooms and buildings, which means that any Sim that gets trapped inside of such a place might end up dead if help doesn’t arrive or the fire isn’t extinguished as soon as possible.


    This is yet another classic type of death for The Sims. It only occurs when your Sim tries to repair a broken electrical appliance while they have a low handiness skill.

    Typically, the first shock is only a warning. Trying to repair the same object after receiving one such shock will usually result in death.



    Starvation persists even in The Sims universe. The difference is that you will need to disable free will in the options to make it possible for your Sims to starve to death.

    After receiving the ravenous moodlet for 24 hours, your Sim will die of starvation.


    As Sims age, they have increasingly less stamina. If they work too hard or get too little sleep, they will grow exhausted.

    If you continue to push your Sims, they may simply drop dead from over-exertion.

    Old Age

    When your Sims become old enough, they will die. The only way to avoid this death is to drink a Potion of Youth.


    Cowplants become mean after being starved for 12 hours. They may lure Sims in with bait and, if that bait is accepted, they will eat the Sim.

    Rocket Ship Crash

    If your Sim has a low rocket science skill, then there’s a high chance that something like a fruit in the exhaust pipe could cause a rocket ship crash. They’ll end up crashing to ground only to die in a fiery ball of science-gone-wrong.


    Enraged is the highest state of anger that a Sim can experience. If they’re left in this state too long, they will eventually die from it.


    If your Sim laughs too hard for too long, then there’s a chance that they will eventually die of laughter.


    The last way that a Sim can die is through embarrassment. By staying in the mortified state for too long, they may simply die from whatever made them embarrassed.

    Avoiding the Grim Reaper

    Even if your favorite Sim dies, there’s still hope. You may be able to resurrect a Sim if you do something monumental in the game, which includes accomplishing the “Bestselling Author” aspiration.