How to install the Sims 4 December 11 2015 get together

    Install Sims 4

    Not everyone is an advanced PC user and a lot of people purchase the official the Sims 4 get together game but somehow they get some issues and errors during installations of the Sims 4 get together game. These are the steps you are going to follow to permits you play the game without troubles.

    Issues that might happen

    The Sims 4 get together game won’t start after installation, you get insert disk error, and you have DirectX error. The Sims 4 get together.exe has stopped working.

    Install Sims 4

    Before you even start downloading anything, exclude the following folders from your antivirus real time protection, or disable your antivirus completely instead. If you don‘t have any of those folder, you can create them empty, it should work. So the first folder you need to worry about is the folder you use to download torrents.


    C:\Program files (x86)\the Sims 4,

    C:\program files\the Sims 4,

    C:\ program files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

    C:\ program files \Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

    How to install the game

    Now that you took care your antivirus you should download the base game torrent and the get together torrent from the links provided on the updatesNow it’s time to install the base game, first you have to open the #visual C# runtime libraries, then you are going to follow the order and install them one by one. If an error message happen just click to close and try the others, if not click to the “I agree” area then you click install and that’s it.

    Close and you are ready to go, after you installed everything.Now you are going to install the base game by running the Sims 4.exe setup. By using the default option.Unmark the bottom “launch the Sims 4” then click finish. Next go to your hard drive C program files…. Then you are going to cut the Sims 4 folder and go a level above and paste it. You provide administrative privileges. And that’s it and the game is in the right folder.Once everything is done, it’s time to install the extension get together you have just downloaded in torrent. Double click in it and the right click the setup.exe and run it as administrator and click “OK” Next and Yes. Unmark the“create” the folder icon and create the start menu icon. And click install and you are ready to go. Then click finish

    The next step is to crack the game. Go to the crack folder, select all the files copy than you go to the folder where your game is installed than you paste and replace click to the” do this to the all current items and continue.

    Erase all the shortcut that the game installed automatically and it all will be fine and create your own shortcut.