Sims 4 Latest Update – Movie Hangout Stuff Improvements

    Sims 4 Latest Update - Movie Hangout Stuff Improvements

    The SIMS 4 is a video game developed by axis and the SIMS studio. The game talks about a simulation life in video game released in September 2, 2014 in North September and took the top list of sales, despites the critics and some anomalies (Bugs) on the game play. An updates has been published on January 6th by the producer to offers the users of this game some more game play.

    The pack contains

    The Sims 4 has received a game pack from the latest updates of January 12, 2016. You can tell your friends and relatives from now the new hobbies of your Sims. In fact they may relax by having fun time in front of a huge movie projector screen.

    Sims 4 Latest Update - Movie Hangout Stuff Improvements

    Thus, from this enormous screen, the Sims will receive ten original films, divided in different types of movies such us actions, comedy, romance, and horror. And if the Sims has children, they can watch two family movies.

    The advantages for the Sims

    It’s a good moment to spend time with other Sims, laughing at funny scenes on the movie, or frightened by horror one or even crying on tragedies. It will be more funny to spend time with a group and watch movie in a living room, but if the Sims prefers to be all alone on his own to these movies can be watched on TV, in an intimate environment, enjoying some bowl of popcorn buttered or with caramel or even cheddar. It is good to know that horror movies can also make your Sims throw the bowl of popcorn up in the air. Besides the collection of movies to watch, this updates contains some others furniture of curtains and different types of ways to decorate a place in the aim of having a perfect indoor movie lounge, or an outdoor atmosphere