New expansion pack for the Sims 4: City living San Myshuno

    Sims 4, City Living, San Mushyno
    Sims 4, City Living, San Mushyno

    Long awaited by the players, this November, the expansion of the Sims 4, City Living of San Myshuno is finally ready. Electronic Arts continues to surprise its Simfans with its new pack. A few days ago, a whole new adventure began on the most popular simulation life game which is transformed especially into another horizon. Now, players have the opportunity to test this new game.

    San Myshuno, more details on this new city

    San Mushyno is based on the modernity of some cities such as Shangai, Tokyo, San Francisco and New York City. It is to give some diversity to the city. Moreover, this new city is divided into four quarters where your Sims can meet several cultures all around the world: Indian, Arabic, Japanese, African and many others. The aim is to create a variety of sims which lives in unique neighborhoods in biggest and luxury city in The Sims 4.

    Among other things, San Mushyno is a coastal city. Geographically, it is decorated by mountains that surround it and a river crossing his middle. It is a very beautiful landscape.

    Sims 4 City living: new world, new life, new building

    Above all, this new pack is the only world of Sims 4 to offer apartments and penthouses. Living in the city is very different. There are now new types of housing, new activities, new events and new careers.

    Thus, the apartments or the terrace apartments are a true community habitat. The Sims can afford opportunities to add unusual fun experiences. And, there are also different activities for your sims like: singing on karaoke, playing basketball with your neighbor and video games in your apartments. About the events, there is Curry Challenge at the Spice Festival, selling their creations at the flea market or buying trinkets at the convention geek. 3 new careers are also available in the field of social media, criticism and politics.