New update of the series Sims 4: Toddlers finally landed

    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Toddlers
    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Toddlers

    Electronic Arts still impress their fans especially in early 2017. New update of that best-seller The Sims 4 is now available. It is the Toddlers the fourth episode. Many of our fans were keen to see this new update. This series took much more time in the design part. Gamers wanted to know why? There were several aspects to be put in place to avoid problems. So, dream becomes reality. Just take pleasure in taking care of your toddlers.

    Sims 4: The creation of toddlers

    Developers always meet the needs of players by offering them the latest update to Sims 4, Toddlers. They are already in the fourth episode of the series. Much more difficulty! Obviously, it is difficult to rejuvenate the sims while remaining faithful to the artistic direction of the characters. It all depends on the looks of the children.

    It was necessary to define the amount of content to create, which was particularly complex for toddlers. The stakes are high for developers. Toddlers must have several skills with a specific progression. And, each skill must be composed of realism and unique characteristics. Clearly, it was necessary to update and improve many central game engine systems.

    Sims 4 – Toddlers: what makes the difference?

    In order to give more specificity to toddlers in the Sims 4, it was essential to define a style guide and create new aspects. Compared to the series: The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, this fourth episode has been modified to adapt to the current way of life. Among others, the toddlers are older in this series.

    Very attentive, the development team consulted the discussion forums to see what the players expected of these Sims 4 toddlers. However, they must also meet the needs of each and not a minority. Players who do not want toddlers do not have to play with them.