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Welcome to The Sims 4, the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before.

The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, create new Sims with intelligence and emotion. Experience all new intuitive and fun creative tools to sculpt your Sims and build unique homes. Control the mind, body, and heart of your Sims, and bring your stories to life — all of this is possible in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 will be available for PC in 2014.

A new date forΒ sims 4 release date : 2015 November

This is the page for questions & answers about The Sims 4, so don’t hesitate to ask here what you expect to find in the most anticipated life simulation game!


    • The chances for the sims 4 to be avilable on a samsung galaxy s3 is limited, due to the changes they need to make to user interface and such, however i belive perhaps some day due to the sims large popularity, that they might make a version of the sims that would suit on a Android phone. πŸ™‚

      • You call him noob? Samsung S3 has HW comparable to slower computer and meet the minimal requirements for Sims 3. Therefore it is theoreticly possible to run Sims 3 on Samsung galaxy S3. Only problem is that EA will not make the game for android when only 2 types of devices could run it.

    • the sims is way to big for a phone and its just stupid to play the sims on a hone why don’t you compare a computer screen to a phone a phone can run the sims but really have you ever thought how it would be playing the sims on a phone xbox blows just image a phone.

  1. Can we design our own town/city/neighborhood like we can put the roads exactly as we want? It’s like merging The Sims with Sim City…

    • The chances for this are highly likely, as windows 8 came out, the new computers will be installed with the newest operation system, (Windows 8) and from the little info we so far have on the game (The sims 4) its not likely that it will be out before 2014, or later. unless they do a suprice launch πŸ˜›

    • If you experiences that its compatebility issues between your mac and a game, i know several who run viritual windows desktops on their mac for this reason, might be worth having a look at if you experiences issues, that is not hardware related though

    • most likely not because ea is some what greedy because the sims 2 they had -the sims 2 seasons expansion pack- and the sims 3 had -the sims 3 seasons expansion pack- so you may need to buy like a expansion pack so they can make more money so no

  2. Will I be able to go “online” meaning can I phone a friend from my origin friends list and invite them round to my Sims house? This would be the biggest selling point I could think of so please put it in!


    • I used to play the sims online when my daughter was born, 16 yrs ago, it was so much fun, I used to talk and interact with people all over the world, I just don’t know why they took it away… I just hope they bring it back

  3. Will Sims be able to Wear all clothes when pregnant which would be good I get Fed up of having to change there out fits to something awful for the time period while they are pregnant.


  4. Can I play with multiple families in a single town with out the annoyance of things like story progression and aging? I know you can turn off story progression in Sims 3 but then the other families will still age. The only way to fix that is to turn off aging but then that effects the active household as well which I don’t want.

    Basically, I’m asking will the players have more control over what happens to non-active households, or at least make it viable option to freeze other households completely (except for interaction with the sims in the active household) until that household becomes the active one?

    Also, can I start out with a blank town. That wasn’t an option in sims 3 and I really disliked that. I know there was a world editor but when I downloaded that it didn’t work and besides I’d like my game to come with that option instead of having to download it.

    • * You can turn off aging for the entire world including your household, or turn it off for just the non-played households. I assume you’ll also be able to turn it off completely, but they’ve only said those first two.
      * Story progression-wise, there doesn’t seem to be any. Sims don’t do anything on their own that you don’t tell them to do yourself. They will NOT try for baby or get a job of their own accord.
      * I miss being able to start with a blank town. It’s not available in TS4 though. It’s launching with two worlds that’ll be just like when TS3 launched with Sunset Valley. You were supposed to be able to modify the terrain and such extensively in-game but I think they took that back.

  5. Hey don’t you think they should live in famous cities, not just one. Also they should put all the seasons from sims 3 into sims 4.

    • well it would be cool to live like in two cities at one time (with one sim(s) and it would be cool like if you could live in new York and seasons came with it AND it looks really really real!

  6. To make this game the top seller of today’s century, you should combine sims 2 and sims 3 together. They are equal in comparison. The sims 2 is good because you can go to community lots and see inside the buildings and go shopping for clothes. You also can see them back out of there drive ways. And you can call sick for work. And sims 3 is a good game because its an open world and you can visit neighbors and it looks more realistic . And the houses look amazingly real and you can place your furniture into any angle you desire to give a house that sizzle that you can’t get on sims 2. You should combine those two games and add more things to it. Then you’ll be making millions of dollars because every one saids that it would be cool to combine them both. They also say sims 2 is better because you can shop, buy your own cell phone, go to dinner and propose marriage, and etc. I hope you combine games. I hope you do. You should try to make it as realistic as possible. Even the most littlest things. Like washing laundry, and washing your car, or have them get drunk and fall down the stairs.(not drunk but u see my point) I hope I that this sims 4 is so much better than number 1, 2, and 3 combined. Hope you use my ideas! If you do, you’ll make a lot of money.

    • you have soo much good ideas , i agree with you on a lot . my number one complaint is that stupid fire code meter

      i hope they take your ideas seriously , ill be the first one to buy it

      • Why thank u. Im a 16 year old boy and ever since i first heard of sims when i was little i liked it because its a great game for interior designers which is wat i wanna be. They always left something out in all the sims, im just trying to make sure they dont miss anything in this one

      • Also make it available for Xbox 360. Cause I was thinking free roam, like Rock Star games?….now That! would be cool. Praying one day maybe you guys could do a game together. Would it harm you guys to come together every now and then to do a really cool game? Make it like GTA games where you can do drive by to other Sims houses and sell dope lol.And where you can work for the good guys too. I’m kidding. but at least have it where we can go to stores and shop for clothes and get in bad deals or good deals you know…..GTA5 combine with Sims 4 THAT’S A HIT FA SHOW!
        or GTA5 and Sims 3 combine with Sleeping Dogs. haha Awesome.

      • Also like can you guys make a Sims Religion. Maybe put some Pastor sims in here and have them be able to choose if they wanna be Catholic or Islamic or United Methodist or Baptist ect and have them have schools, and churches, and synagogues, ect. That would stir up the world now wouldn’t it? I mean cause in this world of religion it’s war. So it’s the sims job to recruit as many as possible. We can choose which gifts we want to have ect like gifts of prophecy…….Maybe not but hey Sims 3 combine with Red Dead redemption. huh? hahaha yeaahhhhh. πŸ˜‰

        Sims Religion

        Sims Government

        I have Ideas too, πŸ™‚

        • Knowing The Sims, they’d probably make up their own religions to avoid being biased or something. Religious is a pretty controversial topic, so I’m not sure if they’d have catholic, Christian, etc. I can just see people getting mad cause their religion isn’t listed or something stupid like that. “Ugh! Why can’t my sim be an atheist?!” You know? It’s just over-complicating things.

          • They’d probably just copy the two religions from Sims Medieval over if they did.
            It would make the Sims more immersive, for sure. Just as long as they don’t put “real” religions into the game, I think it would be cool to have.

        • I totally agree, one of the reasons I stopped playing is because I was frustrated with the inability to make a Church and have them naturally attend at specific times. Please let us build and visit Churches!!!

    • I remember the original SIMS on the PC when I was a child, we had a washer & dryer & laundry hampers laying around. I would love that option again.

      • This was in TS3. Ambitions. I think they were a patch that was released at the same time as Amibitions, though.
        You miss out on 90% of the content when you play console versions. πŸ˜›

  7. And the hairstyles. Y’all had more better hair styles on Sims 2 than 3. And we should be able to choose EVERYTHING for an outfit. For example, we should be able to choose a shirt, and then be able to pick a separated jacket to go with it. And maybe some scarfs too. And make more fashionable clothes for them. You couldn’t really create a style with the types of clothes they have. The only thing to make them look nice was changing the fabric to any thing you want it to be, other than that it was awful. And finally expose where Bella at. We been hearin about her for year and we been waitin for her to come back to earth and let everyone know she’s ok. That’s if she gott abducted. Or maybe Don Latorio killed her. Idk just expose where she been all theses years please. Me and my sister been dying to know. Thanks!

    • I agree with you. I think it’d be perfect if you could pick a designated “favorite” jacket, scarf, hat, and have the sim take them off and hang them on a coat rack when they get home. That would be awesome! And actually having an animation for taking them off, not just spinning and they magically disappear. I know that’s breaking from TS tradition, but it would be so cool to see! Change can be good. Maxis, it’s okay to change!

  8. And let us listen to music in the car and be able to sit in it and take a spin like u could do in sims 2. And bring the music from sims 2 back because they had some bomb music. They actually spoke english in the songs. The music was one of the best aspects of the game. And they had a lot of more things to do at the community lots. And more foods. And weddings. They should be able to have big traditional weddings like the ones in real life. And more furniture. Now we know once you buy a different game it has more furniture. But it needs more modern better looking furniture.(For those who like to interior designers). And make it have a better college life. They should be able to join fraternities and sororities. And more decorative things. You guys should look at interior designing magazines and get some ideas from that. And y’all should have a more quick ways to build your skills. And they should be able to become famous and make your own culture. I’m black so we go to church every Sunday. I wanna make it feel real and stuff

    • We could be freakin twins!!!!!!!!!!!! I am behind u 10000%. The sims 3 clothes r REALLY sucky, and I absolutely HATE tht I have to go outside to propose. I want to ride in the car, see inside the hospital when my sims are giving birth, have modern cars (ford, kia, fiot etc….). Plus I am SOOOOO glad its offline because I absolutley hate origin because it took 25 hours to download the sims 3 to 98% which is absolutely redic. So if u want to be heard(and u definitely need to) email ea or hop on the sims3.com forums where u will be heard

      • You will have to be online to install the game originally, but after that you don’t need Origin, I think. But it would be nice to actually see into the hospital and everything. But I doubt that they’ll have modern cars….I don’t even think they have cars….

        • Origin is required to launch the game. You must be logged into an Origin account that owns the game to launch and keep Sims 4 open.
          And it’s not Origin’s fault that your internet sucks.
          Origin gets the fastest download speeds of any program I’ve used in two different states. (Origin still sucks but that isn’t my point)

  9. And control and see your kids inside of school and make more exciting things optional for our high school teens. And they should have a mall and learn how to drive instead of automatically making them know how to do it.

  10. And we should be able to put are children in the car with their car seat and to actually see them open and close the car doors when they get out and inside of the car

  11. And you should make it more like sims 2. That had a better feeling. Especially when you lived in an apartment and it was snowin out side and you made u some hot chocolate. That was awesome. Sims 2 was the best. You need to bring that back and put everything you could do in sims 2 into sims 4

      • Yup. I hope so too. They’ve already shot down one of the best parts of 3 being in TS4 (Create-a-Style), I hope they don’t do it again. :

        • If they get rid of “Create a Style” I will be devastated! I love making my kitchen counters Blue, and turning the ugly premade clothing into something more fashionable.

          • I knooow. :c It’s confirmed that it won’t be in the game, but they’re talking about possibly adding it in later. From what I’ve seen there’s a pretty nice selection of presets for hair/clothes, at least – don’t know about objects.

  12. Oh yeah. And if you put it on Xbox or ps3 you should make it optional for two players just like sims bustin out. And it doesn’t matter what system the game is on, just don’t make a fire meter. I love to have fully decorated rooms. I can’t do that when that fire meter holds me back. I can’t even buy groceries and store books in my inventory because of that fire meter on sims 3 for Xbox. You guys shouldn’t have any negative things for the game, like the sims 3 on Xbox doesn’t have an open world like the pc version does. And you should have more crime. For example, your buying groceries in a store, and allof a sudden a robber comes and robs the store. Then it could feel realistic. And have tornadoes and stuff like that for seasons. So it can be more realistic!

  13. Ik I’ve been posting like so many but I’m trying to make sure that you’ve heard all of my ideas because you might not have thought of them. And you might think that adding it to your game would add a very realistic and cool feature to your game

  14. And they should have realistic tv shows and tv channels. And realistic game systems like Xbox and ps3. And we should be able to open are windows and they should have air conditioners. And bunk beds. And look at kitchens and bring all that decorative stuff into the game. Kitchens r the main attraction point to a house. And we should be able to have tray ceilings and be able to color r ceiling. And you should have tutorials on build to build things. Like a water fall. And have tree houses. I’m tired of making my ghetto tree houses. And have a little cabinet to put over the refrigerator because the kitchen kinda looks incomplete with out it. And we should be able to make small islands like we could in sims 2. We can’t do that in sims 3. And we should be able to adjust how high we want are pictures on our walls. And let us do laundry and go to well known places like cedar point and stuff. And have more celebrities show up at the movie theater. And we should be able to control our sim in there too. And be able to see the movie. And they should have a club. They had one in sims 2. And have my favorite car on there. A 2010 chevy camaro.

    • A lot of the stuff you describe is in TS3 already. The PC/Mac version that is… We can add floor coverings on the ceiling (basically re-coloring the ceiling). There are treehouses in the Generations expansion pack. You can make small islands in kitchens using the counters and the moveobjects on cheat. We can adjust the height of wall decorations too (that was in a patch I believe, not in the base game). Laundry came with the Ambitions expansion pack. Celebrities came with the Late Night pack. And there are also clubs in the city that comes with Late Night. Not to be a douche, just telling it like it is.

      I also agree with the rest of what you said. Like the cabinet above the fridge and the ability to open windows and have air conditioning and a thermostat. You should look up the concept art for TS4. Specifically the rendering of the kitchen. It has a long shelf above the cabinets with plants and things sitting on it. It looks bomb.

  15. And when a sims is pregnant you should make it at least one day more to make it feel like it has be a while.

    • i think for the pregnancy should be more realistic like the way woman and teenagers get pregnant and have to carry for nine months… should also have a proper shop for the expectant parents to go and buy all the baby stuff like newborn prams then buggies, bouncers etc… also the teenagers should be allowed to get pregnant in the sims 4 because i had the hack for the sims 2 to get the teens pregnant and also should have the midwife coming out to check on the mother and baby… basically it should be like real life

        • Do you realize how many adults play this game? It should be 18 years of age or older anyway with all that woohoo going on. I’m 69 and still playing the Sims…but I have to go to Sims 2 to play the game close to how I like to play, What a shame you guys won’t let us build the way we like to on lots the way we like them…building stores, homes, or whatever…you took away our freedom…please give it back ! Create something with Sims Two and Three…and don’t over try…just combine….give us some hacks too…no one likes having to take care of a whole family of eights needs !

    • for the pregnant woman they should also get the choice whether they want a water birth or normal birth, whether they want pain relief and also there should be c-sections aswell for the women who cant have normal births

    • i think with the newborns instead of them being in a blue or pink blanket til they grow to toddlers you should be able to dress them properly.

  16. And we should be able to put shower curtains for our bathtubs. So when a person comes in there, the person bathing won’t get out the bath tub and ask them to get out and then feel embarrassed afterwards.

  17. And the teen sims should be able to go to prom and stuff. And they should be able to have bonfires. And when guest come over, please make them not come into our bedrooms to watch tv. Cause they be wakin my people up

      • It’s also incredibly hard on the computer to have 30 sims in one household. With TS4, they’re going more simple so it’s easier to play on non-gaming computers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the max household members to 5 or 6.

  18. Will we be able to actually STYLE hair, hats and clothes? Like creating our own object into the game (lot like mods, but actually in the game)

  19. What i would like is to be able to control my character like the sims 2 that would be cool if you could put that in the sims 4.

  20. i think that the job perspective of this should be looked at… there should be more like jobs as in working sales reps, working in customer service in like baby shops etc. the sims should have to apply for the job and have interviews to see if they will get the job.

  21. I can only play sims 3 on my xbox360 and can not wait till sims4 comes out! ive been a fan since I was 10.

    some hopes for the new game are
    -no fire alarm thing that stops you from fully decorating.
    -option to move out kids to another home in the same save an still be able to control.
    -edit town like in sims 1-2 on pc.
    -online option to invite real friends to you home (sorta like animal crossing for wII)

    only 4 awesome fixes and this games will be perfect!!! thanks so much !!!

  22. I would suggest some improvement:
    In my opinion, there must be a chance to see your sim when you go to work, school, or in any other building, so as to be able to see what your sims and maybe affect its standard choices, this would make the game even more realistic. Then, it would be better to be able to further customize hair, clothes, furniture and everything else, instead of just the color change, to make more original your sim and their home. It would also be nice if it were added farm animals, such as cow, hen, chicken, beef, rabbits and all of these as well .. In this way, you could create a real farm! And you should add more careers, of course, each one based on the expansion aquistata, for example: expansion with animals should unlock the veterinary career. Then, if a sim doing with career success were to become famous, you should note his fame, maybe you might want to appear on the posters that are in the city, in newspapers or on television .. Another suggestion is to add a lot more actions in the game. But the thing that I would like more, would be to be able to directly control their own sim, for example, instead of clicking “go here” on the ground, with the joestick control directly the sim
    Please reply πŸ™‚

  23. I like the weddings idea. I remember from Sims 2 where you can run a business and pick their uniforms, can you please do something similar where we can ask someone to be our bridesmaids/groomsmen than select what we want them to wear to the wedding. And also, be able to have more choices for wedding colors and objects.

  24. You should add in features for school similar to the Sims 3 University where you can choose what your sim child/teen is doing in class. Show the classrooms, no Rabbit hole buildings like in Sims 3. Show the inside of all buildings shopping, careers, etc. I would like to be able to have full control of my sims at work or school, and choose more interactions like with the Sims 3 Ambitions pack, but with all careers.

  25. Do you think they would do a revamped version of castaway?
    that would be awesome! i was hoping for castaway with the sims 3
    but was disappointed!
    there are so many things you could add to castaway!

  26. I want to create a Sim to be easier! Like let me scan a photo of a celebrity or myself and let it become the Sim! I would love more going with the Sim, school, work, having a baby etc,and make these poor children look cutie for heaven sakes, and the babies can they look different and have baby clothes? And my biggest pet-peeve give me a stroller designed for multiples PLEASE!!! And it would be awesome to link up with friend’s Sims and visit each other, and not just to sing! And my last want list! Emotions can we have emotions? The family Sims always act like they hate each other please let there be emotions! I know you can do it! So, please do!

  27. What will the online be like? Will we be able to join each other’s games? Will we be allowed to live in our friends house with them? I don’t understand what it will be like.. πŸ™‚

  28. sims 4 for the ps3 should have a collage university,and make sure the buliding can be see trough so u can see wat ur sims is doing. and have a huge neiborhood and the hair style should have dreads like mini dreads and meduim and long dreads and make sure the game have a basketball court and basketball team for the high school, middle school,and collage team like have a football, baseball, and ect. sports team and have a lot of teen in the neiborhood and have corbin blue hair style and the exercise machines have a real bench press and dumbells and every thing and make the stadium huge and and have a lot of people at a job and make the game real like no karma let every one work for there money and let there be tattos and have good shoes like nike and make the black people hair more curly and have a meter so u have your player grow taller like the max should be 7’2 u olny should grow on ur parents gentics and have like if you are moveing out let the people stay in the game i hate it when that happens and on the create mode u can have a 2 family or u can change other people name thats not in your family

  29. sims 4 must be like sims 2 clear that it is better that you maxsis helps but you have to hang them less because sims 2 had so much detail we could enter the store to buy things
    np. when he looked at the computer sims too hurt by it’s head sims 4 will be a city resort village red dot to a very large folder

  30. I suggest that you make it so we can do the following.

    :Let us see our sims in school doing work
    :watch them do there job
    :Let us control cars
    :Let us go to a airport and fly to diffrent states and countries
    :Plane crashes
    :High speed chases.
    I know its asking for alot but the one thing i really think people would like is to be able to see our sims in the buildings like seeing the kids do their work and having backpacks etc.

    • You are asking for way too much. I don’t think they’ll go through the hassle of programming each single activity a sim does at work and for each job. It saves a lot of time and money just to have him go to work and have the time sped up. PLUS you can’t really watch them when the time is sped up that why it’s sped up. You can’t wait a couple mins? You people ask for so much and it’s money and time they have to put in to do all that. Bunch of whinny babies.

  31. You should make Sims 4 2 player and combine it with some of the characteristics of Sims 2; like perhaps have single player and multiplayer modes for a story mode like perhaps the object of the game would be to get a home of one dreams but to do so one would have to work get through all life’s “hills”. and when one finally gets the home in multiplayer they could be neighbors or perhaps live together this is just a suggestion because when I was younger I really noticed I popular Sims 2 was; I believe it was more talked about the recent Sims 3; so these are just my suggestions for the game. πŸ™‚

  32. I also think they should go into super detail in sims 4 create-a-sim like being able to change specific parts of the bodies sizes if they want to make it more life-like such as being able to change things like height, hip size, breast size, even hair legth (or perhaps just create many different hair styles) and being an artist my self and hoping to into the field of concept art one day in believe the more unique one is able to make a sim the more amazing it can be. just a suggestion. πŸ™‚

    • They already have confirmed all that. We will be able to change the sizes of virtually all of the sims’ limbs and features. Just by clicking on the different limbs and dragging them.

  33. also you should have to modes of walking the just like sims 2 did and that is why sims 2 was so amazing because one can have more control over there character and if this was added to sims 4 I would most defiantly buy it and suggest it to all my friends it would just be so amazing… what a dream… any you should also just totally take of the fire code it can be really in conveiniant to when one is trying to get a look with there home maybe so like it cluttered you know πŸ™‚

  34. At the risk of being the weird one!

    I want the Sims to show dirty clothes. If they pee themselves, their clothes should show it! If they play in the dirt, their clothes should show it! If they sleep, their hair should show it! If they are sitting and need to potty, they shouldn’t have to stand up to dance around, they can wiggle in their seat, and they can even pee their pants while sitting down.

    I want bedwetting an option with kids and teens. Diapers on kids and teens at night would be cool too!

    I want more and better reactions between parents, siblings, and kids. Parents don’t really punish their kids in Sims 2 or 3, and they don’t really do anything family like, like kids sitting on parents’ laps, and parents teaching the teens things like driving and having discussions like about boys and girls.

    I like the default undies as the base line for teen rated, but with a code, a person of adult age should get naked options if they want them.

    Speaking of which…
    I don’t want clothing catagories. Instead, how about the teens have the ability to have upto six kinds of undies in their drawers, upto 6 kinds of tops, 6 kinds of bottoms, 6 socks, 2 or 3 shoes, and 2 coats. Then, the player is allowed to completely dress the sim from underwear to coat at the beginning of the day, and if they don’t chose to get into new clothes, then the sim wears the clothes from the previous day. Also dresses are only tops, and instead of a void, underwear will be shown if a lady/girl bends over or whatever while wearing a short dress. Also, the unders can be seen under a skirt, if the same happens? If they are wearing undershirts, and their shirt doesn’t cover to the hips, then it should be possible to see their undershirt or underpants.

    I know it’s possible to do this as a basic game as I started to design something where the clothes were layered. So, I don’t see why the sims4 can’t do it. I would definitely like to see the sims dirty states when wearing the same clothes day to day, and have washing clothes option from the base game.

    I would also like an option, this is asking probably too much, but while I’m on about it, I would like the school to allow the player to design at least one high school class where he can control upto 30 students and 3 or 4 teachers in a school. Have the full life of high school included with gym, cafeteria, swimming, and so on. So, make the lockers work, both book lockers in the halls and clothing lockers in PE class. Have the blackboard interactive so teachers look like they are teaching and kids have the option to listen to the teacher and learn, or to misbehave in class by sleeping, talking to friends, playing around, asking for the toilet, or whatever! I now this block is asking a lot and think it won’t happen anytime soon, but I threw it in as the dream I’d like to see in Sims4

  35. Does anyone have any details on what kind of objects will be on?
    Also, will there be a caw for the Sims 4? I hate playing games on pre-made worlds due to the extremely annoying characters, maybe there should be an option to just choose an empty world, with just the needed job lots in it, or download some free worlds like in the Sims 2 with nothing in them. I think it would be cool if the CAW would actally be inside the Sims 4.

  36. I think it would be cool if they had something that allowed people to control their characters in their dreams. There could be mini games or challenges set up for the dreams, and depending on how you do, the character will remember their dreams. Also, it would be cool if maybe later on a person could create mini games for the dreams.

  37. also, there should be more pics.
    A lot more pics.
    And a game demo should come out soon. Like a miniture free version of the game, not like the sims 3 demo, but like the Create-a-pet demo only with the ability to create a house.
    Also, there should be the ability to change fabrics.

    • When your pregnant will they do the scans and all and are you nude like no fuzz when you have a bath an stuff and when you woohoo is it under the covers in a be or can it be anywhere?


  39. Hey! I don’t know if anyone has asked these questions before, but anyway:
    Will we be able to look inside the school, have lockers, teachers and lunch time and stuff?
    Will we be able to be the different ages, like pre-teens (would be super fun!) and other ages?
    Will we get a mall where we can shop and go around on cafes with friends and family?
    will it come a kindergarden?
    will we be able to make our own haircuts? like get really long hair or really short and stuff?
    will we get different physical illnesses or mental illnesses, like depression, a broken leg or anorexia?
    and will we get bullies and nurse and stuff?

    • Lol… a lot of questions. It will probably be at least one of all your questions. A lot of people want their sims to be able to break their bones, so it becomes more realistic. But, like everyone else here knows, we won’t know ’till everyone else knows, which will be when it comes out.

  40. what will the features be like for game consoles such as xbox? will there still be the dragging option for customizing the sims or will they downgrade all the features?

  41. Hi everyone, I have a question, Will the sims 4 be available for the xbox 360, I know
    Most sim games are for a computer, but I only have a small laptop that cannot insert
    CD’s or games, The bigger ones Are too expensive for me, But I do have an Xbox 360
    I just wanted to know if they will make one for the xbox 360 as well, besides a laptop
    or desktop, Just thought I would ask just in case anyone knows πŸ˜›

    • It might be on Xbox 360, because they have made stuff for the wii, and a lot more digital stuff. But we won’t know for sure until all of it comes out.

    • I’m wondering the same thing. If it were available for pre-order on the Mac, it’d already be available. I’m hoping it will be available to buy in the fall with the PC version.

  42. How much without pre ordering the sims 4 would it cost in the uk? Also what’s the difference between the limited edition and the regular πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to buy this! it looks amazing!

  43. Will we be able to LAN the Sims 4? It has been bugging me since Sims 2. I want to be able to play with my friends and visit their houses in the same town, etc. Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Actually, The Sims 4 is currently PC only. It was not announced for PS3 or Xbox 360. Please check your facts before giving out false information.

      • it will ONLY be available for PC ! I have no use why everyone think it’s available for anything else but the PC ! pleeeease do us all a favor & make sure you get the correct facts before telling everyone something that’s NOT true & getting their hopes up !

        • Actually they will be releasing it on ps3 and Xbox 360 on October 26,2014 so you need to stop talking about other people giving out false information because you are wrong πŸ™‚

          • Thanks Kelly, The condescending answers coming from everyone is a joke, Get a life and stop being bullies behind a screen, creating fake lives….smh

          • The condescending answers are fully deserved. People obviously know how to google if they found this site, and if they feel the need to ask this question every other day (Which they do. I check this page every single day and answer every new question I can), they obviously can’t read. If Wikipedia or EA says nothing about it, then it isn’t true. And Wikipedia, EA, SimsVIP, Honeywell, absolutely NOWHERE reputable says ANYTHING about even Mac, much less anything about consoles.

          • I don’t see ANYTHING that says that and that would’ve been ALL OVER the forums and sims news sites.
            I don’t have any idea where you got this information.

          • Right I’ve looked this up in Google and I will prove it it actually states that the sims 4 will be released on PC/PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2014 didn’t specify exactly when so stop giving people a hard time with ‘false information’

          • It doesn’t matter if it will come out this year or not. It matters that it’s October 27th and there’s no console versions – thus, Kelly pulled a date out of their arse just to troll people. Thus, it was false information. I gave ONE PERSON a hard time for false information.

          • guess what, still not on for xbox 360 nub. and if it wasnt on windows 8 you could run in compatiblity mode.. assuming windows 8 has compatiblity mode. silly noob.

          • It does. And Windows 8 was released long before TS4 was, so there’s literally no reason to question whether or not it works on Windows 8.

        • It really just depends on if there’s a sale. I got mine for $45 on launch day by buying it through Mexican Origin. TS4 isn’t a game you can resell though, so you can’t buy it used for cheaper or anything.
          Just check around. πŸ˜› Remember that no matter where you buy it you’ll need Origin and internet.

    • Wondering the same thing! I’ve played the Sims 3 on my Windows 8 computer and the computer just can’t handle it. It keeps crashing, I know that the system requirements says “Windows 7”, but still!

      So I’m really hoping that I’m gonna be able to play the Sims 4 on my computer.

        • Sims 3 slowed itself down and caused itself to crash. TS3 did not run well unless you had certain mods. Yes, having a lot of CC would make it worse, but even a CC-free TS3 ran like crap, no matter how good your computer was or what operating system you had.

  44. I was wondering if u could tell me if in the Sims 4 will have weather and pets already in it. also I was wondering if were gunna be aloud to change the baby’s clothes, another thing is will we have loads more items? Thank u for reading would be helpful if u could get back to me. X

    • 1. No weather
      2. No pets
      3. Babies are considered objects (and part of the bassinet object) with relationship bars by the game, so the only way to change their clothes is a retexture.
      4. There’s more items than the TS3 basegame had, but it’s far more limited due to not having CASt.

  45. Will we be able to play around with the sims height in sims 4? Will it include like different weather climates?thank you for reading this

    • They’ve released that we will not be able to change our sims’ height. πŸ™
      We can, however, change things like feet size, thigh size, breast size and lift, posture, and butt size.

      • OMG I was about to mention that.
        My fat SIMS sister has the same boob size as the skinny one, in TS3.
        Didn’t make sense to me at all.

  46. will sims 4 have a xbox version I really hope so and if so the pets have more options than just cats and dogs like the pc version! πŸ˜€

  47. For the Sims 4, can you make the sims actually drive the car and not just watch them drive to their location. It would be really fun. You should make it like GTA, but its the sims and if you cant do it now, try doing it for the Sims 5 if you’ll have on. I hope you do.

    • I very highly, strongly doubt that. That’s just something they will never add. If they did, they’d probably get a LOT of complaints from parents.

  48. I think Theo should fix something what wasn’t realistic in Sims 1,2,3 , the Sims shouldn’t stop getint fatter, them should hΓ¨ able to get like so fat that they cant walk

    • Haha that made me laugh. I agree. It should work like this: the more the sim eats, the fatter they get. The more they work out, the fitter/more muscular they get.

      • Sadly, it actually kinda works like that now.
        Sims gain weight practically nonstop if you don’t babysit them while they eat and make them exercise daily. Apparently the foods you feed them affect their weight, too. Basically the only way to keep them the same weight is to feed them salad and throw them on the treadmill.

    • Yes, it’ll be for Mac. And I can’t say for sure if it’ll include teens and children, since I’m not one of the game designers, but I’m sure it will. πŸ™‚ It wouldn’t be The Sims if it only had adults!

    • Mac is confirmed for 2015.
      The life stages are: Baby, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder.
      Teens, YA, Adult, and Elder share the same clothing, and have very slight difference. Teens are the same height as the later three stages, and have no physical differences besides being skinnier and having slightly different faces. You cannot immediately tell a Teen from a Young Adult in-game, until you check.

  49. The nxt sims should be like GTA..Saint row don’t you think …imagine actually controlling your sim walking the streets get in the front seat and drive your car..go shopping for outfits just keep out the gun violence and the drug dealing lmfao …we all know build mode is gonna be Crazy as lol that’s why we play the sims

  50. On the Sims 4 are we going to be able to drive and buy carseats so we can drive with our child in the car and can we go to stores and shop and etc

    • Nice Question!!!!!! I hated that I could only bring the baby home, but can’t take him to the Grocery Store. =/ I have to pay to have a babysitter in SIMS 3 =/

    • Since it seems the only method of transportation is sims teleporting between lots, I doubt it. We don’t even know if there’s ownable cars.

  51. Comparing both Sims 2 and 3, I still prefer Sims 2. The main reasons for this are:

    -I could have multiple families at the same city
    -Enter some commercial buildings
    -Propose marriage

    Would this be included in Sims 4?

    I watched the trailer and compliments for the architectural side, BIG THUMBS UP!

      • You can’t enter the commercial buildings except the Library walls come down so you can roam but Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Hospital, Etc. You can watch your Sim disappear, then fast forward until they are done.
        You can Propose Marriage in TS3 [I have XBox version]

        But you can’t have / manipulate multiple fams in the same town

  52. Dear Sims-Developers,

    Hope you can hear me. In this Thread are already several people asking for it, so…
    Please use the money we give you to hire some programmers and make the Sims more social by adding LAN!
    Everyone is waiting for it and it is the only way to make a lot of people (including me) buy the game.

  53. i have real good one here the tattoos and hair and the body when mail comes is it the same price of the house and tax go up and the jobs are they be the same or different

  54. we need best tattoo we need best clothes best house best jobs like being teacher being a firefighter maid own rest runt build house and sell it or run a shop or plumber thank big thing more money bigger jobs BIG RICH

        • it hasn’t has NOT been announced yet that it will be available for MAC or anything else other than the PC. I’m not too sure where you read/saw this but it is incorrect information.

          • If you can’t notice the people keep saying “It’s GOING to come out.” They never said anything about it being out. Smh. -_-

          • EA hasn’t said if TS4 will come to consoles or not, thus, it isn’t coming. Thus, it’s not “GOING” to come out. They aren’t coming until EA says they’re coming.
            Opinion doesn’t matter. “It’s going to come out, they did it for TS2 and 3!” is an opinion. The title of this website is a misleading opinion, given that they never once said it was planned for anything but PC & Mac.
            There is no reason to think it will ever come to consoles. They said it would be for Mac (Yes, rude ass up there, it was one of the first things they said) and they have NEVER said they EVER planned a console version. It’s been “There’s no plans for console at this time” since day 1.

      • It will probably come to consoles in the future like sims 2 was on the ps2 n sims 3 was on ps3 n xbox 360 but right now they are only focusing on the pc version first.

        • Don’t give false information it’s only going to be for PC you dingus! Get your facts right and giving out false information.

          • I never said sims 4 will definitely be on consoles but it may. Every one thought Sims 3 was pc only and it was for a while but now its on consoles and mobile phones and if a console version were to be released it would be in the future when the PC sims 4 has already been released.

      • not sure why everyone thinks it’s available for anything else but PC bc it’s NOT ! it is ONLY available for PC as if right now, nothing else ! I’m sure they will come out with versions available for them down the road but as of right now, no. & absolutely nothing has been released to make ppl even think that it will be available for MAC/xbox/playstation/wii/etc.

        everyone, please get your fact straight before spreading false incorrect information to others.

          • This website is not affiliated with EA. It was created before anyone knew anything and ASSUMED it was going to be for consoles. Don’t call people douchebags for trying to give out real information on a website whose very title is wrong.
            The REAL sims site is thesims dot com and this one has NOTHING whatsoever to do with it.

    • NO. They cannot over step that rating boundary. Allowing teens to become pregnant would get them shut down, secondly more people would start asking for drugs, beer, and other things that need to be kept out of the game. There are young kids who play this game. They aren’t allowed to do things like that.

  55. The fact that two sims always feel the same way about each other is unrealistic. In TS4 will sims be able to feel differently about each other? like, one has a crush and the others repulsed?

  56. Few things that have always bothered me,

    I enjoyed how the custom content in TS2 had a lot of options such as having custom food, but in the sims 3 there was none at all.
    Custom content should be easy to create, and add to your game, not just clothes, but furniture, architectural, jewellery, tattoos, shoes, food, and plants. And the tools should be available for everyone so we can make our own games as unique and fun as possible.

    Has nobody ever asked why Maxis said in the first generation of Sims that all custom content would always be free and available to all players? Who wants to pay extra for the furniture sets when you can find better ones on TSR, etc. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

    Also, weather and pets should already be included in the game, you can always add new pets into future expansion packs..

    Being able to run your own Business in TS2 was a very interesting idea, but to expand on it in TS4 I’d love to see my sims running a restaurant/club, etc. And actually working, like serving tables and drinks, taking orders, MORE OPTIONS. πŸ™‚

    Does anyone remember the Sims Superstar and Making Magic? There was so many more options for magic and being a celebrity in TS3, there needs to be moooreee options yet again. For example being able to host a concert, and actually be there instead of looking at a building you can’t see through. And for magic something like more than being a fairy, and a witch.

    Like most people I enjoy decorating houses. The new tools in TS2 were great, but i need more to work with. definitely more items, that aren’t just dull deco items you can’t do anything with..

    To make it more cultural you could add much much much more to the kitchen/food side of the game because who else is tired of cooking the same meals over and over? One thing that would be a ginormous improvement in the sims is if there was actually steps to cooking like cutting lettuce, sprinkling cheese and spices, mashing potatoes, etc. instead of just clicking what you want to cook and having your sim automatically do it. Theres never been enough selection. Especially for the BBQ. I suggest make more appliances like cake pop makers, deep fryers, and stuff, make sure that people can create their own!

    TS4 needs more ingredients and actions for use, cooking is too boring and it’s my favourite aspect of gameplay! Step by step actions for making meals like the app Order’s Up for Ipad and Iphone. I’m dreaming.

    Can we actually have options for the fish we catch in TS4 other than cooking in sushi, displaying or mounting on the walls?

    I believe we should have the option of being able to control the movement of our sims when we’re not doing a task or picking something up.

    I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’ve been waiting patiently since the very first game and I just can’t wait another 4 years for a few more differences in gameplay. I can’t stress my frustration enough..

    Maxis, make us proud

    Who’s with me?

    • Love your ideas!! I agree with every one. I think the cooking thing would be fun and a new twist! Also I agree with the appliances. In sims 3 all there was was basically just a microwave, a food processor, and a coffee maker. How about a toaster? Is that too much to ask? Lol. I think it’d be so adorable if the sims could be cooking multiple things at once. Like eggs in a frying pan, bacon in another, toast in a toaster, etc. then combine it all on one plate. They’ve already confirmed multitasking (cooking while talking to other sims, eating and talking, etc.) so maybe that’s possible. I hope they make the cooking animations better is TS4. Like actually show the sims cutting stuff with each piece animated as it’s cut. That’s be glorious.
      Also they said they were going back to their roots, making TS4 more like TS1 so maybe we could see elements from Sims Superstar and Making Magic. That would sure make me happy to see that. πŸ™‚

      • If they are going to offer more appliances & accessories they need to UP the fire limit of the Lots too.
        The more photos, accessories, lamps, etc you have on the Lot, the fire limit in TS3 sucks. I like having my “Home” look real. One Lamp per side of the bed, dresser in every room, toilet paper, paper towel, towel rack, pot/pan rack, etc.
        Every time I add something my game goes “TSSSSSSSSSS” like it’s about to go up in flames.

    • It’s only been confirmed for Xbox 360 and ps3. It’s possible that it’ll be made for those other consoles, but I doubt for 3ds.

  57. is there gonna be more body morphing capabilities like for girls can u morph there chest and if so what new morphing capabilities will there be plz answer

    • Yes, you will be able to morph their chest! More than in TS3, too. They’ve confirmed that you can change the size of the breasts and the lift (perky or saggy), which is pretty sweet! Haha. Yo will also be able to change the size about everything else on your sim like their waist, forearms, upper arms, butt, thighs, legs, feet, and even their spine (which they call their posture). The posture also changes how busty/muscular the sim looks, like in real life. All the features on the face can be morphed as well. That’s all I can remember right now. If I do think of more, I’ll edit this.

    • I think it was stupid that it only went on the wall. It’d be more realistic if we could put it on the ceiling like real ones!

  58. Will Sims 4 be available for Xbox One as if it is made available for PS3 and Xbox 360 doesn’t it made sense to release it on current gen.

  59. I really love the sims but most of them r only for the PC is this one going to be on the ps3 please I want to play it bad and if u would make more of the sims games on ps3 Xbox 360 an the other ones u would sell a lot more of them I would buy for shore

    • It’s to allow the game to run faster on lower-quality PCs. With The Sims 3, yes, the graphics were pretty good, but people who had cheaper computers experienced a lot of lag, and basically made the game unplayable. With The Sims 4, they’re going for a more cartoony feel to make the game run smoother and faster/

      • A lot of people are upset with this. They were expecting like IMVU or Second Life (for lack of a better example >.<) graphics. Those graphics take a lot of computer power, like Tezza said.
        For what it's worth, I actually like the cartoony look. It's different and cute. πŸ™‚

  60. Does anyone know yet if it will be possible to disable free will like in TS2&3? I’m scared the emotions system will mean they won’t add the option in. Sims with free will are infuriating.

    • Haha, totally agree on the free will thing. I like to use free will, but watch my sims CLOSELY. They usually do stuff that need to get done (go pee when they need to, eat when they’re hungry), but I’ve had sims that just REFUSE to take care of that stuff until they actually wet themselves. It’s like, “Really? You’ve been standing there for an hour, you couldn’t just go to the bathroom?!” Sorry, rambling.
      My guess is they will include a free will setting where we can turn it on and off. Cause they know some people like it and some don’t. They like to satisfy all kinds of players.

    • Quote The Sims main website:
      “Just like in previous Sims games, you’ll have the ability to select different levels of autonomy for your Sims so you get the level of control you’re most comfortable with.”

  61. More things for babies and toddlers, play mats, soothers, walkers etc. Prams and buggies to put baby & toddler sims in to take them out, which adult sims push. Have the option to put babies and toddlers into nursery when at work or be able to leave children at a friends house, rather than having to call a babysitter. Car seat’s. Seeing a baby like on the Sims free play, moving arms & legs with changeable clothes and not just wrapped in a blanket….Fantastic. Being able to kick a sim out without them being deleted from the game would be great too. In sims 3 you can buy a business but don’t actually run it, just collect the money, additions to this would be fab. Just some thoughts

    • Baby strollers were added with Generations, and a playpen & walker are available from the Store. (Classic EA, all the good stuff costs money.) I would love to see them make a reappearance, and all of the things you mentioned, too.
      Babies & toddlers were definitely left out in TS3. Toddlers couldn’t even interact with each other like they could in 2.

      • I only have PS3 and so have not played Generations πŸ™ or Sims 2……Yet. Well lets just see, I’m sure the great minds of the Sims programmers will work it out, so that the game represents real life much more than it already does. (Lets face it, we don’t leave children with babysitters when going out, we put them in a buggy / pram and take them out too) Even the option to become a babysitter (maybe weekend and / or after school job), mail worker, repair person would be nice (I think someone already said that).

      • I only have PS3 and so have not played Generations πŸ™ or Sims 2……Yet. Well lets just see, I’m sure the great minds of the Sims programmers will work it out, so that the game represents real life much more than it already does. (Lets face it, we don’t leave children with babysitters when going out, we put them in a buggy / pram and take them out too) Even the option to become a babysitter (maybe weekend and / or after school job), mail worker, repair person would be nice (I think someone already said that).

    • It’s sims. They’ve always been available for windows. Unless EA wants to enrage EVERYONE and make it a Windows 8 app, yes, it will be on Windows 7.

    • Digital Deluxe has “Life of the Party & Up All Night” bonus content, along with some Origin exclusive content.
      We’ve only seen a small selection of hairstyles that will be in the game, but it looks like some might be longer.

    • Considering same sex marriage has been in both Sims 2 and 3 (And possibly 1? I never played it) I’d say it’s a safe bet it will be.

  62. So the sims 4 will not be available for the Wii U ? Why? not for the Wii U console. there are a lot of people that have the Wii U Like me. I know I am not buying a new system just to play the sims 4. I really would like this game to be added to the Wii u…

    • I agree. The wiiu is so much more advanced than the wii. And TS3 came out for the wii so it’d only be logical if they made TS4 for the wiiu. The wiiu would be able to support so much more and much better graphics. Cause TS3 for the wii was a little held back cause of how little the wii could support.

      PS I absolutely can’t wait for Mario Kart 8 and the new Super Smash Bros. for wiiu. I have them both preordered πŸ™‚

  63. I’m just hoping it will be compatible with Window 8 Please please please Maxis/EA let it be please my laptop is anti Sims 3 πŸ™ dont let it be with Sims 4

    • It’s the newest version of Windows, like Justin said. So it’s a safe bet that it’ll definitely be compatible with it.
      W8 is just like other Windows releases. From what I can tell it doesn’t run any differently other than the metro screen, which I never use anyways. (Been using W8 for almost a year) So if it says it’s compatible with Windows, it should be compatible with at LEAST W8 and 7.

    • Limited edition is just the base game (probably including special pre-order content like the Sims 3 expansions), and Digital Deluxe has “Life of the Party & Up All Night” bonus content, along with some Origin exclusive content.

  64. why did ea sport made sim4 game on the pc? why not ps3, xbox one, ps4, why pc? i would buy the game for my ps3!!! i love the sim but i wish u would make sim4 for the ps3 system please do it!!!!! MAKE SIM4 GAMES FOR PLAYSTATION, XBOX ONE SYSTEM!!!!

    • Calm down. They said there’s no PLANS to make it for consoles, probably meaning if there was a big enough push (which obviously there is) to port it out to consoles, they might.
      Sims games are practically made for modding, which you can’t do on a console. I understand that you might not have a PC, but it’s THE best possible platform for it to be on. It’s not a console game in any way, even if it might be ported to it later.

      • but we got mouse on the ps3, on the internet. alot of people that sim4 coming out on the console 2015!!! that still stuip it not coming out on the console, because somepeople don’t have the pc…

  65. Why has no one asked wheather TS4 will have the neighbourhood feature like in TS1 i wanna build a full neighbour hood from the ground up again as its own game. But on console. Ideally on ps4.

  66. Will the stuff packs come with more items like they did in the Sims 2 or will we have to buy it all online again like Sims 3? πŸ™

    • Not quite sure. It’s probably going to be mostly store content again, it’s EA. xD I’d assume as much due to the season pass-like feature they’re going to have. If you haven’t heard of it, $100 gets you all the expansions and store content for that year. Don’t take my word for it – I don’t think there’s been an official announcement about it, but the surveys supposedly hint at it.

  67. i really don’t care for sim4 on more because they will not put the sim4 on ps3, xbox one, ps4. who every make the sim games, made better sim games for stuip pc.

  68. Hello! Very interesting whether hereditary traits passed through generations? For example, the red-haired grandmother born blonde daughter. Blonde daughter marries a blond. Maybe if they had a child born redhead?

    • I’m sure they will. It’s been in 2&3. They did it in TS3 where any sim could have any hair color imaginable, I don’t see why they wouldn’t in TS4, where the hair colors are set.

  69. I was just wondering the system requirements? I have an HP 2000 and I seriously doubt it will be able to hold the Sims 4. Could it? If not what kind of computer can?

    • The system requirements haven’t been released yet. They’re waiting until the game’s nearly done so they have it locked in.
      But I doubt it would run on your computer, even though I don’t know the specific specs. My bet is that if you can run TS3, you’ll be able to run TS4 just fine because it’s supposed to be easier to run.
      I’d look for a computer, or upgrade your current one, with at least 8 GBs of RAM (memory) (especially if you run Windows 8 – It’s always using up at least 3GB of RAM and from what I saw 3-4GB is what the HP 2000 has) and a graphics card with more than 1GB of memory – that should be sufficient to run it decently.

  70. hi,sims,l just want to know is it had pet ?weather change?and baby born? cause I can’t see any of these in your advertisment.But they are really important element in the sims!! That’s why l like the sims 2 rather than 3(also because the resolution ) Thanks

  71. I only have two questions, can you make a persistant neighborhood like you could in Sims 1 and 2 where you can have all your sims in one neighborhood/city, and freely switch back and forth without effecting their motives and wants. And two can you freely create your own neighborhood like you could in two? Making your own community lots like stores and restraunts from scratch.

    • 1. Not 100% sure what you’re asking. The same thing applies in Sims 3, it’s just different saves instead of switching hoods. It’s probably going to be like that, but they did say some stuff about being able to switch around more easily.

      What I’ve gotten from the E3 info:
      – There are five neighboorhoods within the world, each of which (I think) are loaded one at a time, which makes it possible to have more sims, vegetation, etc in one area without slowing down performance.
      – There’s a new “public space” in which most of the interactive public objects are in (parks etc? they didn’t say what specifically), meaning that sims’ AIs are also considering going out to play on a playground nearby or sth instead of just what’s on the lots they’re currently on.
      – Sims will drive out of the visible world for work, and probably school, too.
      – What I’m confused about: During one of the SimGuru interviews, Graham was explaining that there are “multiple active families” which I’m not sure about. But he also did state that you can switch to any household in the world that you want whenever.

      – There is only one world included, Willow Creek. They haven’t said anything about creating your own worlds, and the information they’ve given on lots is confusing.

      • As long as I can have multiple families at once, and play between them, thats great, Ill will gladly enjoy that. But, If i cannot design my own neighborhood and lots from the ground up, that might be a hard sell. I loved in sim 2 making lots from scratch. Making an Old Rustic pub where people sit at the counter watching the game,or off in the corner playing pinball. Or making a Huge Shopping mall in which you can make your sim explore, Or a coffee shop where your sims can get an expresso and read a book. With custom built locations and hand placed interiors that can be interacted with. Not this cookie cutter building, Your sim walks in and disappears and becomes an AI. I want to see my sim enjoying his dinner date, or yelling at the waiter for spilling his food… Pardon my rant, Long story short. If multiple active familys are back, thats half the problem solved. If you cant make your entire town from scratch with custom lots and locations with interactive interiors, then itll be a hard sell. PS. Why couldnt Cars wait? Ive heard their just like they were in Sims 3, why couldnt they wait to be an expansion like Sims 2 and be done right?

  72. I was watching one of the latest videos for CAS for sims 4 and as it showed the different kinds of ages to have there were no toddlers?? Why aren’t toddlers in CAS anymore?

    • They haven’t said why. Some people are speculating that it’s because they have a big fancy announcement about them coming.
      Edit: According to a news post on The Sims main site, there aren’t any.
      “As for ages, we have babies, children, teens, young adults, adults and elders.”

  73. I heard that in the Sims 4 that toddlers and pools will not be in the base game and i was wondering if that is true??? and if so i find it stupid to take that out of the base game, its kinda like the sims is going backwards instead of forwards if you do take out toddlers and pools

    • Yes, it’s true. There’s a petition on Change with 12k signatures about it if you wish to sign it. (Just google “Change include toddlers and pools”, if I link it this comment won’t be accepted.)
      No guarantee it’ll change anything, but I guess it’ll make our voices heard.
      It probably happened because they were focusing too hard on all the new stuff. Nobody’s happy about it.

  74. This is the one thing I have always wanted to have improved. I like to make my family along with characters from books/movies etc. But besides daughter, mother, grandmother etc. the family options are limited. I want to be able to go in later and add a cousin or an aunt. If I just make two people and some kids and later want to go back in and and grandparents or siblings to the parents I want the option to be able to link them to certain sims in the family tree. I wouldn’t freak out too much about the whole toddler thing if the family trees could improve during initial creation and with options to add/alter after as well. Thanks!

    • Yeah, the family tree options are pretty limited. They said something about TS4’s, I think it was about having expanded options, but they may have just been talking about the being able to add an elder as a teen parent or something.

  75. Does anyone know if EA made any announcements at E3 that sims 4 coming to Xbox One or 360 is a possibility in the future? Many people say they did and others say they didnt I tried asking a Origin/EA advisor and it seems as if they have no clue whatsoever about anything to do with the game, they was no help regarding any questions I had about the game requirements or general platforms. I know its only been announced for PC & Mac but Im not a PC gamer and I only have a HP Laptop and I have no idea if it meets the Game requirements. I will probably be buying a HP Computer for Christmas (not sure if that meets the game requirements either) if I decide to buy The Sims 4 Collectors Edition.
    I really don’t want to be paying Β£85 for Sims 4 if a Xbox One or 360 edition is going to be announced for like 2 months or 1 year later so im hoping that by September we might have a announcement from EA regarding if The Sims 4 is coming to xbox if they say yes I will not be purchasing my PC Pre-Oder, I am pre-ordering the Collectors edition in two days just in case they say that sims 4 is not coming to xbox so then I know I will 100% be getting the game I have waited a very long time for πŸ™‚ any help will be appreciated.

    • The game isn’t coming out for Mac – PC only. I don’t remember hearing anything about console released except “they’re not planned at the moment.” And EA advisors don’t know that stuff, they’re just tech support.
      The game requirements aren’t being released until closer to launch (which is two months away, so hopefully it’s anytime now and not the day before launch…), but since they’re trying to make it more accessible on lower-end computers, you could probably run it well on a comp with a minimum of: 8GB RAM (The game won’t use more than 4GB, but other stuff needs RAM too), 1.5GB+ video card RAM, and while I don’t know much about processors, probably at least a 2.6GHz?
      You can see if your current one meets those requirements in System under Control Panel, or by running dxdiag.exe. If either computers don’t quite meet it, you could always pick up what it’s missing (ex not enough RAM, crappy GPU) when you get it too and have someone put it in for you.

      • thanks for your help πŸ™‚ and if I’m playing Sims on PC I will have to get used to the whole game style, like how to work the game and controls/keys but it will be worth it πŸ™‚ Xbox Gamer at Heart πŸ™‚

        • Oh, and don’t forget to make sure the computer has enough harddrive space! No idea how big TS4 is yet of course, but TS3 with all its expansion/stuff packs takes up at least 45GB of space. TS4 might be about the same. HDDs aren’t expensive at all, you can get 2TB (over 2,000GB) for less than $100 – but that’s pretty overkill if you don’t play games on your comp or download shows/movies. πŸ˜› Whatever your comp has/comes with is probably plenty as long as it’s 150GB+.

          Sorry for overexplaining a bit, hope I helped. πŸ™‚ I don’t know how hard it’ll be getting used to the controls – I’ve only ever been a PC gamer xD But good luck~

          • thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚ and im ordering a 200GB external hardrive in a few days so at least that gives me extra GB space πŸ™‚ the only PC games I have played are games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and World Of Warcraft which I am a massive fan of but only played for a few months until stopping πŸ™‚

    • I’ve never looked at the different ones so this isn’t really my cup of tea, but here’s an example of the Simlish used on the Sims 4 teaser page from months ago if it helps at all.
      Otherwise I don’t know if there’s any pictures of actual in-game simlish yet.

  76. Will we be able to see and control our sims inside -what in the sims 3 world would be called- pot holes? Such as schools, hospital, work ecs.

    • I don’t think they’ve released much information on what rabbitholes will actually be in the world – sims are confirmed to leave the world for work (and assumedly school, too) similar to how Sims 2 sims drove off the lot.
      Whether or not we get the little “Take it Easy, Work Hard, Suck up to Boss, etc” while they’re off-world hasn’t been released either, to my knowledge.

  77. Will it be out on consoles? And if so can you please put in an option for moving your characters with the analog sticks, like in sims 2 on PS2? As well as the traditional point n’ click style. I’d find it far more enjoyable if I could wander about and explore while using the analog sticks.

  78. So i been wondering why they took out toddlers and not young adult or adult since to me they seem the same. That was my first thought when i heard that. Pools are understandable right now. But toddlers are a way of having emotions affected. Lol i have to babysit one and he is one interesting toddler.

    • “They’re both [pools and toddlers] really important features that are close to our hearts. We didn’t have the time during production to do them right for base game so we made a really hard decision to wait to do it properly instead of something half-baked. I know it’s sad, but our hearts are in the right place.” β€”Dave, The Sims Studio – June 25, 2014
      I dunno, I don’t view them as the same. You don’t instantly age from 20 to 60. …Then again, you don’t age straight from newborn to 8, but toddlers -should- be added in later from what they’ve said.

  79. So ive literally been reading these comments still am. Lol but ive noticed the nine months pregnancy requests. I thoughtit would be cool to have it last 3 seasons and honestly in sims world 40 weeks are pretty fast atleast to me. But they could have a thing in options to adjust pregnancy time like they have for age in sims 3. Or instead of 40 weeks make it days. I really like the seasons idea or 40 days. Cause its pretty unrealistic being pregnant for 3 days. It would be cool to see it grow day by day and have ultrasounds. Not actually seeing it but their emotions being happy or depressed from how it went.

    • There were tons of pregnancy length mods for Sims 2 & 3. It might be unrealistic, but it’s kinda nice for people who don’t play the same sims for ungodly amounts of time. 40 sim days? I want my sims to go through their entire young adult AND adult lifestages in that time. xD I think it’s a nice middle ground – people who want unnecessarily long pregnancies can get mods for it. Or like you said, add a slider to the options like ages and seasons had. That would be nice too. And it’s obviously do-able if modders can do it just fine.

    • The demo isn’t available to everyone yet. It’s only been released to select simmers. RUMORS are it’ll be released to everyone on August 12th.

    • The Sims 4 CAS demo will be free. It’s a demo, silly. They haven’t stated when it’s being released for download instead of random selection. Hopefully it’ll be within the next few weeks. πŸ™‚

  80. I really really miss the direct control and multiplayer from the console version of sims 2
    never understood why this wasn’t kept
    i owned sims 3 on ps3 but deeply missed this
    even bought sims 3 on wii because it had direct control , but it was single player mostly and awful
    Like I still play sims 2 on gamecube because of this

    if released on console please consider direct control and multiplayer like sims 2 had

    • Multiplayer: The game was originally made to be a fully online game, but they pulled out of that when they released SimCity and realized it was a horrible, horrible idea.
      I don’t know anything about the console versions of either Sims game, so I don’t know exactly how the multiplayer and “direct control” worked. From what I’ve read it seems like direct control might’ve been better for consoles, but it isn’t included in the PC version (Just sounds stupid for a PC sims game to me) – we won’t know about the console version until/if it’s released.

  81. i just want to know if that while your sim is in the car will you be able to drive it yourself or control it with your arrow keys please tell me. all so i love all of the awesome house that we all would of made i spent hours trying to build a couple of the house on google but thet where just to hard to build lol alex out πŸ™‚

    • Nope. We don’t even have confirmation sims will be able to own cars. I have no idea why people want this ~directly driving cars~ so bad, it’s a sims game, not GTA.

    • One of the SimGuru’s twitter reply to whether teens can woohoo was “Not exactly.” so hopefully there’s something interesting they can do instead.
      Sadly, you’ll have to mod it if you want teens to woohoo, because it would probably force them to bump the rating up to M. Or get it banned in even more places.

    • I’ve heard some people say it worked perfectly with Sims 3, so maybe. Probably more worthwhile to just wait until the Mac version releases, it’ll be an extra few months at most.
      But I know how hard it is to wait. Just like the CAS demo which I know I’ll have in a few weeks, but I want it nooooooooooow. I’m sure you could run it on bootcamp just fine, it’s worth a shot – nobody’s gonna know how well it works until they try it. πŸ™‚

  82. I know toddlers are not in the main game but will they be In any of the expansion packs? I love the toddler age it is my favorite.

  83. Someone please help! When do you think they are going to release the requirements info for this game!!!??? i need to buy a new computer because mines broken and i’m on a low budget, i just do not want to end up buying a computer that wont run the game! Any help would be much appreciated thank-you πŸ™‚

    • They’ve released the requirements for the demo, which definitely aren’t the min requirements for the game, but it’s a good starting point. Try to go as high over each of the specs as your budget allows – you’ll be able to run the game better.

      Specific helpful details if you can afford them:
      * Try to get a computer with at least 4GB of RAM. The sims takes a lot of processing power running all those little people around at once.
      * Remember that the higher you go in GB on your graphics/video card, the better the game will load textures and the better it’ll look. I’d recommend a video card with at least 1-1.5GB of video RAM.
      * The harddrive space should be at least 150GB to account for expansions + stuff packs and all your other files.

      • Thank-you soooo much for helping me it means alot to me! i will definitely look into buying a PC that you can pay off slowly that will help alot!!! the other big problem i am having is selecting a good graphics card do you have any suggestions i would like to play the game from mid range to high settings i’m tired of playing simies on low settings hahaha! again thank-you very much!

        • It’s no problem. πŸ™‚

          I don’t know what your budget is, so I don’t know what you can get. Like I said, a 1.5GB card or higher would be optimal. Also, AMD cards tend to be cheaper than nVidia for the same graphics power that I’ve found.
          There’s a really helpful article my boyfriend was actually looking at last night that lists the best graphics cards you can get within a certain price range. If you google “tom’s hardware best graphics cards for the money” it should be the very first link. If I link it, this comment won’t show up for awhile because it has to be approved. πŸ™‚

    • I’m not sure if there will be the “Work Hard, Take it Easy, Suck up to Boss, etc” interactions while at work, but there are no work buildings. Sims leave the world for work.

    • Quoted from the simslegacychallenge Careers and Schools post:

      You cannot observe a Sim’s needs while off at work; though the game is clearly simulating them and Sims still can eat lunch if they are hungry and use the bathroom if their bladder gets low automatically while at work.

      You may still choose between β€˜work modes’ such as β€˜socialize with co-workers’ or β€˜work hard’ to modify work’s impact on your Sim and their needs and performance.

      There are no visible rabbit holes; when your Sims leave for work, you cannot see where they are working, similar to The Sims 2.

    • I don’t think so. They never add things like that, they try to keep the game…too lighthearted.
      There was a slider mod for TS3 that did that, but as TS4 doesn’t have sliders, who knows if it’s possible to make body mods now.

    • Yes. It should come to Mac within a few months of the PC release date. They’re ensuring it’ll be stable on Mac unlike TS3.

    • Of course. There are babies, children, teens, young adults, adults, and elders, as confirmed in the news post “Neighborhoods, Weird Moments and More!”
      I’m not sure if we’ve actually seen any teens yet or not. Hopefully they won’t be as horrifying as TS3’s were. xD

  84. I would really like to play the sims 4 on consoles. Not everyone has a pc and would really like to play it on the console such as Xbox 360, Xbox one, ps3, and ps4. I believe we all enjoy this game play.

  85. Will there be an optional (I know, there is no always-online-DRM) cloud for the savings, so that you can access on the same savings from different PCs without having to manually transfer your latest saving from one PC to the other?

    • I really doubt it. It’s likely too small a minority for them to put effort into it, especially if they can’t mooch off it somehow.

    • I’m not sure why this is such a common question. Yes, it’ll work with Windows 7. Heck, it’ll even work on Windows XP.
      OS listed in the official system requirements: “Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, or Windows 8.1”

    • Er, what? There is woohoo. There’s woohoo in multiple places, if I remember correctly.
      There’s just no woohoo unless you tell them to.

      • I’ve also seen a video with a comment from one of the simgurus and its also been confirmed that they have removed the woohoo option as people aren’t comfortable with the idea or something stupid like that…. i would also like to know, I’m quite annoyed because i have already pre-ordered it and I’ve just found out loads of things that have also been removed (toddlers,pools,woohoo.etc)

  86. I preordered the Sims 4 game and when I scroll over it, it says “Game only available for Windows.” But I have a Mac. Why is it saying that? Will I still be able to play it when it becomes available?

    • The Mac version is still being worked on. It’s probably going to release a few months after the PC version.
      You can play it when it becomes available if you use Bootcamp, but otherwise, not unless you have a PC.

  87. will the sims 4 be avaible for ps4? and is it in finnish in ps4? becouse sims 3 was english on xbox 360, and i didnt like that.

      • I’m sorry but what do you mean ”any monitor that works for your computer” ??? Sorry I’m a newbie and I’m kinda planning on getting a monitor for my birthday on the 4 of September and playing the sims on it πŸ™‚ Do you mind kinda explaining to me what a monitor is …. You see I was watching a setup video and this guy had a monitor and he said he plays games on it and it looked awesome so ye πŸ™‚

        • A monitor is literally JUST the computer screen. How good or bad your monitor is won’t affect how well the game plays – that’s gonna depend on the actual computer’s hardware.

          • The monitor would come with a VGA (blue cable) or DVI (white/beige) cable that would be the same on both ends. One goes into the back of the computer, and one goes into the back of the monitor. That’s it besides, obviously, plugging it into the power. πŸ˜›

          • Ok thanks sooo much πŸ™‚ Would the game be computable with my pc because for some weird reason the sims 3 wouldn’t work

          • If it’s Windows 7 it should work just fine as long as it meets the system requirements for TS4 (Which are so low the computer would have to be YEARS old to not meet them), and you have enough space to install it.

          • The Sims 3 is a very computer-intensive game and an all-in-one probably doesn’t have the power to run it. Only thing I can think of. πŸ˜›

          • Omg Thanks you soo much !!!! xD You’ve helped me sooo much and I appreciate it a lot πŸ™‚ I hope you have a super,fantastic, awesome, splendid, amazing day/night πŸ™‚ Thank you xx

          • Omg thanks sooo much xD You’ve helped me ALOT and I appreciate it πŸ™‚ I hope you have a super , fantastic , awesome , splendid , amazing day πŸ™‚ Thank you xx

  88. I’ve just seen a video apparently confirming that there will be no woohoo option because people aren’t comfortable with the idea… firstly If there is no woohoo option or anything similar in the sims 4, then how will a sim get pregnant and have a baby?? I’m really curious as to how that will work because that was a large part of the gameplay in previous sims games… and secondly that is such a stupid thing to be uncomfortable with as most adults do actually play the game and i think its unnecessary to get rid of it when it was in all the other games ;/

  89. hey its slogs i was wondering if sims 4 would come out on xbox 360 or ps3 due to the fact i am a youtuber that uses consoles for playing games on, i release conten on youtube every week and would like to spice things up a little on my channel, other than this im good. but please bring this brilliant game out on ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it would be perfect for entertaining and would be useful for sale!!!!!!!

    • No. Maybe if the demand is high enough (Which from the looks of this being asked every other day, it is) it might come out in a year or two.

    • It’s the newest Sims installment, like Sims 3 was. It’s next in the series, yes, if that’s what you mean by override it. It would be named “The Sims: Whatever” (Ex The Sims Olympus/Icarus like it was when it was when it was being created as a crappy online game) if it was standalone. πŸ˜›

  90. It would be cool if the sims started off with basic clothes and then had to buy clothes throughout the game. For example the rich sims could would have more expensive clothes whereas poorer sims don’t have as many clothes. The sims could buy the clothes from shops in the neighbourhood with money they earn from their jobs

    • Eh. Not to me.
      They said there would be clothes shopping like Sims 2 had in the game, then later unconfirmed it because it had to be cut or something.

    • No. That would result in a higher ESRB rating or it being banned somewhere or something. It’ll be one of the first things modded in as always, though. πŸ˜›

  91. Don’t know if anyone’s asked this already and if they have then I apologise for wasting people’s time but in the sims 4 will there be a way to help/determine what gender your baby/babies are while they’re still in the mother? Like, in previous sim games you could eat watermelons for girls and apples for boys. Thank you to anyone who answers!

  92. Why does the header for the website link claim that it will be released for 360 and ps3 but then upon entering site its only pc? Come on EA you used to put out a new sims every year for console and now you pull this! I want to play it on my 360 relaxing on my couch. Seriously! Also, after this long of a wait I honestly expected something new and different the way castaway flipped the genre and made it fresh. I would love to see another sim game done castaway style, just sequel it even! Especially if you are going to take creative control back from decorating houses. However that said I have every console version of sims and expect sims 4 to not cheat its console players! The only computer version I really wanted to play was renaissance. Even give us that for console! I was so excited to see it advertised for 360 on banner. Is it just showing up that way because I was searching “sims 4 for xbox 360”? Either way false advertising!

    • If you’re talking about this website, it’s because it was made before we had any actual info on the game. Whoever runs this site hasn’t been bothering with it anymore from what I can tell. πŸ˜›

  93. Currently game is releasing on pc win 7,8etc Mac release have been confirmed but it may release next yere. Other than that no other port have been confirmed.

    • Sadly, no. There would be way too many animations needed and EA confirmed that they don’t have the time to do so much as they would need a new animation for every height. A big sim would need different animations for everything a little sim does etc. Soooo.. No, you can’t. Hope that answers your question. πŸ™‚

    • No, but if you’re willing to deal with the animation issues there will probably be mods for it. Though Sims 3’s mod was a slider and who knows if that stuff’s moddable with the new CAS.

        • Your video card’s all hardware, it’s not a problem with Vista. You may have an integrated video card, or just an old/crappy actual one. You can look into getting a new graphics card – even if you want the best graphics possible, you probably wouldn’t have to shell out more than $100.* You can go to a local computer store and have them look at it and recommend/sell you one/at least tell you which you can use (It’s going to depend on if you have a laptop, slim tower, normal tower, etc) and then they can put it in for you so you don’t have to delve into the scary depths of a computer. (I understand them and I’m still scared of hurting it. <.<)
          * I'm using a video card that's at least 3-4 years old [And not sold anymore, but if it was it probably wouldn't even be $50…] and it runs the demo at 100fps…almost double what any game needs to at its peak.
          For comparison on that 3-4 years old – mid-range cards from last year that are double as good as mine are only $150.

    • Oh wait, it’s available now. Open Origin, hover over Free Games, and go to demos and beta. πŸ™‚ If you don’t have Origin installed, go to the website, install it, and do that. lol

  94. I just played the Sims 4 demo …I’m very upset how I cant have dreadlocks!?!? will a patch come out soon adding new/up to date hair styles?? plz plz answer ….because my girlfriend and I both have dreads in real life and we would love to have them in our Sim life lol

    • You can walk around the currently active lot, and the public space around it. I THINK the public space you can walk around on is only the public space for the neighborhood currently active. You have to load between lots to visit other ones, so technically you can’t walk from lot to lot.

    • You can walk out of your house into the public space (streets, playgrounds, etc) but not into another house or community lot without a loading screen.

    • …Yes. Upload to the Gallery and redownload them when the game comes out or copy their files (Sort by date modified so you can copy all 5+ depending on household size) from the Tray folder in DocumentsElectronic ArtsSims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo then into the Tray folder of the actual game.

    • You put the .package in DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4 Create-A-Sim DemoMods
      It’s better to put it in another folder in there, like make a Hairs and a Clothing folder so you can find things easily again.
      Sims 3 required you to download a file, but TS4 already includes it because they’re being more open to modding/custom content. That’s the Resource.cfg. If you delete that, the packages won’t work anymore.

  95. actually it will ONLY be available for PC as of right now. that is it, not for MAC or any video game system. please get your facts correct before giving people false info & getting their hopes up. πŸ™‚ thaaaanks !

    • Honestly, It’s true that Xbox 360 will have the Sims 4 eventually. I got my facts from the Sims website. What I’ve been searching the web for all year is when it’ll come out for Xbox 360. I think it’ll be out for PS3 too, but I’m not entirely sure about that. I forgot all the other devices it’s going to be on. If you want more facts, go to the ACTUAL Sims website. This one isn’t the original.

  96. If I put created sims from the demo to the cloud, if my computer completly crash and I have to ”clean” it so nothing will be left, do the sims I have created and put in the cloud, will it still be there?( and dowload”ible”)
    Yea.. English, Idk, the Spelling might be a bit off.

    • If you upload them to the Gallery (I assume that’s what you mean by cloud) they’ll still be there and re-downloadable. If they’re only in your library but NOT the gallery, no, they’ll be gone with the computer.
      The files are stored in DocumentsThe Sims 4 Create-A-Sim DemoTray if you’d like to upload them somewhere, such as a mediafire/dropbox/etc account or other backup location for extra protection, in case something goes wrong with the Gallery.

      • well it were saved on the library but then there is the thing that says upload to cloud and thats what I did, so it should be there still?
        Im not sure if cloud and gallery is the same, the demo is on Swedish cuz thats my language and all that so the gallery and cloud might be the same XD

        • Go ahead and click upload to cloud just in case it hasn’t been already. The worst that’ll happen is there’ll be duplicates. πŸ™‚

    • Career (Branches):

      Entertainer (Musician/Comedian)
      Writer (Author/Journalist)
      Painter (Master of the Real/Patron of the Arts)
      Secret Agent ( iamond Agent/Villain)
      Criminal (Boss/Oracle)
      Astronomer (Space Ranger/Smuggler)
      Culinary (Chef/Mixologist)
      Tech Guru (eSport Gamer/Start-up Entrepeneur)

  97. I’m about to buy a new laptop to play SIMS 4 on, I’m looking at getting one with Windows 8.1, but a friend of mine reckons it will play slowly because windows 8.1 means all apps are always running in the background. Am I better getting something else? Or will Windows 8.1 still run it without a problem? (Don’t want a lagging game!)

    • …Your friend’s likely just going off all the Windows 8 hate instead of actual experience. It doesn’t matter that it’s Windows 8.1, what matters is the RAM. I have Windows 8.1 and 16GB of RAM and everything runs smoothly. If you have at least 8, you should be good.

  98. Is there a way for me to know how well it will work on my PC before buying? Cause I don’t want to buy the game only for it not to work.

    • Google “can you run it sims 4”
      There are many websites that’ll show you the minimum requirements and even have tools that will check for your computer for you.

    • 1.5 hours until US release (12am Eastern time September 2nd) unless it’s a physical copy then you’ll have to wait until midnight your time
      September 4th Europe & Aussie
      September 5th UK

  99. once I download the sims 4 pre-Oder on one computer , can i download it on a different computer from the same origin account? pleas answer… :-/

    • Yes, but it’s EA. You should expect to only be able to do that on 4 or so computers.
      You just can’t play them on both computers at the same time, because i assume you have to be logged into the same Origin account on both.

  100. So, can someone please tell me why there aren’t really that many public buildings or homes to buy? I mean, there isn’t even a hospital! And seriously, no cars either? It’s like we have to teleport everywhere, but what if we want to drive a car? We can’t even see where we work. Just kinda frustrating, I guess.

    • Because the game wasn’t meant to be a Sims game until they flipped it around at SimCity’s release. They weren’t thinking about those things because they didn’t NEED to for the first five years of development – it was an online game like SimCity until last year.
      It doesn’t make it okay, but it’s an explanation.

  101. Everytime I select anything in build/buy the screen goes black. If I tab to the desktop and then back the screen will be back but anytime I click anything including options or switching to live mode it goes black again. HELP!!!!

    • You’re better off signing up on the Sims forums and asking for help there. I’m the only person who ever answers anything here and I don’t know how to help with that.

  102. I made my first household last night and made a couple “try for a baby” right before I saved and quit. My husband played this morning, and when I got back on my game my ladysim had gone through the whole pregnancy and gave birth. Does my household continue to go when my husband plays his household? Is there a way to make it stop?

    • Of course it does. If your husband didn’t start a new save, then his household is in the same world (or collection of worlds…since Willow Creek and Oasis Springs are interconnected. Dunno what to call it) and it’s simulating every single other household and sim in the world collection.
      You can make it stop by creating separate saves – There’s a + icon in the top right of the main menu that lets you start a whole new game (It won’t delete your old ones! It’ll only overwrite the autosave, which you should never rely on anyways.) You can Save As… whenever either of you save and have your own saves separately. “Husband1” “Wife1” etc. You’ll just have to click the load button next to the + anytime one of you decides to play their game. πŸ™‚

  103. Is there a hospital u can go. I cant find it in the worlds same as the grocery store
    I dont like this game already!!! Poorly made i like sims 3 better!!

    • That’s cool and all, but I’ll wait to accept that until it’s somewhere trustworthy like the Sims website or Wikipedia.
      So until there’s a news post about it or Wikipedia no longer says “A Mac release has been confirmed, but a date has not yet been announced, and there are currently no plans for a console release.” I’m not going to acknowledge it.

    • You can change your sims’ bodies by bringing them back into CAS with a cheat.
      To do this, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, type in “testingcheats true” and hit enter, hit esc to close the cheat console, then shift-click on a sim and click Modify in CAS. Modify your sim’s body to your heart’s desire!

    • Don’t know what you’re asking. You can buy it and install it on Origin, or buy it in a store, activate it on Origin, then install it.
      If you need technical help, go to forums . thesims . com

    • Here you go, I hope it’s clear. I highlighted “Create new household” so that it would be obvious where it was in case that’s what you wanted to do, otherwise you just select played/unplayed and pick a family to move sims in/out of.

    • I doubt it, because I assume Origin is like every other program and wouldn’t allow you to login to more than one location at once.

  104. Why does it take forever to download? I started it at 3pm and it is now 10pm and its only at 88%.. Did i waste my money when i bought it?

    • Probably because your internet’s slow. It’s 8.5GB, so if you have crappy internet it’ll take awhile.
      Why would it be a waste of money just because it downloads slowly….? xD

  105. Can you play different households where. Your previous household is pretty much on pause waiting for you to return. In sims 3 we could play as many different households/words we wanted but I haven’t figured that out with sims 4 if it’s even possible.

    • As in have different saves so that your other ones aren’t simulating while you play other ones? There’s a + button at the top right of the main menu that lets you start a new game. It won’t overwrite your other one as long as you don’t actually Save As… over the other one, it’ll only overwrite the autosave.

  106. Read description of site so yes they putting it to consoles but it will take longer and they r dick for saying the release date will be in the site for consoles but it isn’t they care more about the pc’s then us con sold users and decided to release the PC version before the other ones were completed sorry to break the news to anyone hoping so currently note time will tell when it is released

    • “Read description of site” this site doesn’t count. It’s not EA, it’s a person or people who haven’t touched the title or description since we only had the first announcement picture and no information.
      The official site says nothing about it – only Mac, and even then it’s nothing. πŸ˜› Don’t accept things that aren’t the official site, Wikipedia, or (not always) IGN.

    • motherlode = adds 50k

      kaching/rosebud = adds 1k

      money # = sets household funds to whatever number you put in place of #

      sims.modify_funds #/-# = adds (#) or subtracts (-#) from funds
      (I haven’t used sims.modify_funds so I can’t vouch for it, but I know for a fact the first three work. You may need to have testingcheats enabled [testingcheats true])

    • Thank You! I just found the Manual and printed it off today.Didn’t know about the (money # = sets household funds to whatever number you put in place of #) Thanks

    • It might be. They haven’t said anything about it in months.
      Don’t buy it yet – you’d be getting the PC version and it’d be pointless.

    • Recommended specs:

      OS: 64 Bit Windows 7,8, or 8.1

      PROCESSOR: Intel core i5 or faster // AMD Athlon X4


      HARD DRIVE: At least 9 GB of free space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games

      DVD-ROM: DVD ROM drive required for installation only

      VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better

      SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c Compatible

      DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0c compatible

      Visit canyourunit . com to see if your computer meets the minimum requirements. The higher over the min it is, the smoother it’ll run.

  107. Is there anyway to turn off your sim moving while other games are loaded? Right now the households are all in one world, and the sims you aren’t playing walk around and make friends and break up with boyfriends and get really fat…IS there any way to turn this off? Please respond? This really ruined the game for me.

    • You have to start a new game. Until you do that, you’re playing the same save, just different households, and they simulate themselves whether you’re controlling them or not….because, y’know, it’d be a decade step back for them not to.
      To start a new game, press the + at the top right of the menu.
      Use Save As… to name it so you can keep track of each one. Don’t use Save and Exit/Main Menu, and don’t rely on autosaves.

    • Uh…probably, but remember that android Sims games aren’t their real games so that’s just a “is there going to be another crappy android sims game?”

    • If it’s just not launching, it may be a problem with the latest patch. A lot of people can’t even open the game after it.
      Ask the Sims forums.

  108. well, I’m loving it.. the sims themselves are hilarious if you really watch them.. I particularly like watching them waddle to the loo when they really need to go. However, I digress. My question is about fires. There is a Fire Box that manages fires and uses sprinklers? I’ve put one on the wall in my house, but my sims cannot interact with it.. am I doing something wrong? Just wondering if anyone knows how to use this? thanks!

  109. So.. I have a family, with grandparents, a mother, 3 adult children witch 2 are married. Thing is, when I get hold of one married couple, and set them to live in their own home, they no longer a sister/brother, son etc etc to the family, ¬¬” why ¬¬”