The Sims 4 recommended system requirements revealed, hope you have a Core i5

    the sims 4

    FireShot Screen Capture #065 - 'The Sims 4 recommended system requirements revealed, hope you have a Core i5' - www_the-sims-4_com_recommended-system-revealed



    1. What a bunch of crud! My system is way over even for Sims 3 the bugs come from your end. I Hope they don’t go out and buy one just to play a glitch filled game. Are you in business with making Corei5 money now too? Suck as much money out as you can from people.

    2. what will be the difference in the game if i only make it to the min vs the recommended.
      i have a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme CPU Q9300 @ 2.53GHz and a geforce gtx 260m sli nvidia grafhs set up.

    3. My pc is an Intel Core 2 duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00Ghz with Nvidia 9400GT (my pc is around 5 years old, so yeah, it sux…) and my Sims 4 are running PERFECTLY SMOOTH on ULTRA. So if my crapy pc can handle it, on ultra… any pc can x_x

    4. My computer is quite capable of handling the recommended specs. It just needs to update it’s video card (I’m at 650 now – but would like to bump to 750), but even there it’s not a rush. My computer can handle it. I’ve learned long ago that every 2 years the computers need upgrades in order to keep up with the new games. I buy a new computer an average every 5 years.

      Sims 3 was badly flawed – that game would have been so much more enjoyable if it didn’t have so many bloody kinks to it. I’m hoping with Sims 4 most (preferably all) can be avoided. Those kinks were not the fault of the consumer, but rather the developers and the folks of Origin.


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