New Sims 4 Add-on

    A good new for 2015, New Sims 4 Add-on

    The new Sims 4 add-on “Get together” and his new landscape

    This world was originally intended for the first version of the Sims game but it remained secret until this year. This new add-on will be out in November. A song called “Beautiful now” has also been composed by Zedd as a trailer for this new add-on.

    sims 4 release date 2015 November
    To use the new Sims 4 “Get together” add-on, published by Electronic Arts and the Maxis Studios, you need to own the Sims 4 game. It is based on the idea that the Sims characters wanted to travel and discover a completely different world, and, indeed, this new add-on makes you discover a new world : Windenburg and its neighbourhoods : charming countryside, a private island, a business district, a bustlingn townsquare.
    “Get together” includes also new picturesque landmarks, such as a hedge maze in the garden castle, pools at the bluffs or ancient ruins.

    All the new things that it is possible to do with “Get together”

    New places to go out have also been created: you can order an espresso from a nice barrista at the café, chat up a crush at the pub, go swimming in a natural swimming pool, attend a VIP party, travelling to Europe or dance all night at the discothèque.

    new addon sims4 release

    You will also be able to “get together” with other characters to share exciting events, such as bonfires, foosball, secret dance parties. The dancing floor will also be renewed with this new add-on including a new dj and new dancing features. This new add-on makes it also possible to party anywhere anytime wherever you want!
    Sims are also allowed to subscribe to different clubs with different personalities where they can make new friends and have a great time. New Sims characters can also be found in this add-on with different personalities, which will makes you want to know them more in depth. You will be able also to enter different clubs, which will give you special bonus, but if you can’t find a club that you like, you can also create your own.
    The sims can also get new outfits and develop a new style to prepare a new night out to come. The other Sims can also share their reactions about your new outfits.
    What the Sims are the most up to with this new add-on is simply to enjoy life and have fun with their friends.



    1. Yes, I agree that Sims 4 should be brought to consoles. I am a huge fan of the Sim series and have been since the first one. Alot of people would love if it was brought to consoles too I bet :), take care!!

    2. Please let us know when it comes out on Xbox 360 soon I am planning on getting it for my daughter and she uses her Xbox more than anything so I was wondering when it’ll be out? Thanks!

    3. It’s 2016- 2 years since the release and there’s literally no information if Sims 4 will come to console. Why isn’t any one from the company answering our question? It really makes me furious, especially since I can’t buy it for the computer.

    4. They need to bring back 2 player for the console like they had on sims 2 I believe! TickEd me off when I bought sims 3 and went to play with two players and that’s what they came up with

      • And Makeep it for all consoles cause not all of us can afford brand new stuff I’ve had my ps3 for 4 years now and don’t plan on upgrading


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