The Sims 4 is available on console now

    The Sims 4, Xbox One, PS4
    The Sims 4, Xbox One, PS4

    Two of the biggest video game brands have recently had the privilege of having The Sims 4 in its catalog. It’s Xbox One and Play Station 4. If in 2014, a first attempt to launch this game console failed, the developer Maxis has set everything for The Sims 4 is perfect. The main goal is to give console owners the opportunity to experience a real life game. Sometimes there is a small difference between using PCs with accessories like keyboard + mouse and consoles with controllers.

    The Sims 4: a new title on Xbox and PS4

    On November 17, the consoles including the Xbox One from Microsoft and the Play Station 4 of Sony have had their share for The Sims 4 three years after its official release on PC. This would make all fans of this game of life simulation that have an Xbox One or a PS4 happy.

    Proposed at a high price of 50 euros, The Sims 4 console already has all the basic updates of the game. It is still maj of the PC version. Good news! This game will have 3 quarters instead of 2, pools, dishwashers, ghosts, new quarries, half-walls. And more, toddlers will be there.

    The Sims 4: Would it be a waste of time?

    Compared to the first test of The Sims 4 in 2014, this new version is identical to the game on PC. They have the same interface and the same content. The only difference between PC and console is the use of the pads. It’s harder to manipulate The Sims 4 tools with the Xbox One or the PS4 controllers. It’s in construction mode that everything starts. First we will have to choose if we want to sort the furniture by type or by room. Then, we should be patient when selecting the items that best suit our needs: bed, cabinet, chair and others. It will take a lot more time.