The Sims 4 – Bowling Evening: launch yourself in this new adventure

    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Evening Bowling
    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Evening Bowling

    Released a few days ago : the Sims 4 evening Bowling, the Electronic Arts simulation game offers a new hobby for your Sim. Why not enjoy it? It is enough to mount a good plan between friend or family. It is also possible to play while training with other Sims. And do not forget, it is the time to relax by organizing a date between lovers. Everything is possible with this Bowling Party object kit even by creating your bowling universe in several separate places.

    Sims 4 – Evening Bowling: How to enjoy it?

    Very fun, the developer of the game, the Sims 4 still dazzled the universe of the simulation game with the kit object: the bowling evening.

    With this game, it’s time to relax and have fun by throwing his pins.

    With family or friends, just put your equipment and throw the ball on the bowling alley. This is one of your best moments sharing them with other Sims especially when you do a small workout. You can also do bowling in a romantic getaway. Simply achieve your height and climb to the next level to reach the highest score.

    Sims 4 – Evening Bowling: different aspects of the bowling alley

    Really surprising! This kit offers different bowling alley options for sims. It is possible to customize different places to play bowling. Rich Sims can set up a bowling alley in their house. But it is also possible to place a bowling alley in a bar, disco or cocktail bar. Among other things, if you want to go out with friends, just play in a local bowling alley. What is surprising is to be able to play in different atmospheres: under the spotlight, in the dark with the lights or in a retro style.