The Sims 4 – create a pet is available

    The Sims 4, new kit, create a pet
    The Sims 4, new kit, create a pet

    Have you ever thought about creating animals on The Sims 4? Taking care of your favorite animals? So, get ready as it is now available on The Sims 4. What is your choice: dog or cat? Shape the aspects of your animal according to your needs with ease of handling. With the Sims 3, creating an animal has been a nightmare for somebody. But, today everything has been corrected? New tools are available to respect the visual style of The Sims 4. The customization will of course be included in the game.

    How to create animals on The Sims 4?

    With a long wait, the moment you were waiting for arrived. The Sims 4 Create Animals is available for fans of this wonderful life simulation game.

    Not to make the same mistakes as with the sims 3, every detail of the development of this new kit took a long time to set up. Incidentally, the creation of animals was inspired on the same basis as the creation of a sim. Very impressive! The animals created in this new tool adopt the visual aspect of the game, The Sims 4. You can have dogs or cats distinct from each other.

    The personalization of your animals

    You may be wondering if you could create dogs and cats of different breeds. There is a breed mixer tool. For more fun, it’s possible to create a bastard or cross breeds. First, you create your favorite animal and then personalize them head shapes, ear shapes, tails, coat colors and more.

    You have several costumes to customize your animals. It is possible to turn it into a hot dog or put them in beautiful dinosaur costumes. In life mode, the animals will have exactly unique and special behaviors according to the objectives of this new kit of objects: more power, more beautiful animals, and an unprecedented ease of use.

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