The Sims 4 In the Jungle: explore new horizons

    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Sims 4 In the Jungle
    Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Sims 4 In the Jungle

    This February 27th, game developers The Sims 4 will release a new series for gamers. This is Sims 4 In the Jungle. Indeed, a new adventure will await the fans of this life simulation game. In this game, your sims will have the opportunity to go on an extraordinary adventure including the meeting of new culture. But, you must be vigilant during your little getaway in nature to avoid hostile encounters with venomous or dangerous animals. Besides, there are other amazing hobbies in this new pack.

    Sims 4 In the Jungle: the asset of this new game pack

    Good news! The Sims 4 series continues to amaze the video game community. A new game pack will be released very soon including February 27 to offer fans a new concept of the game. It is now possible to venture into a hostile environment. Your sims will have the opportunity to walk in nature.

    Discover new sites with your sims in the jungle. There is an opportunity to explore a remote land including Selvadorad. This is an idyllic site where you can see ancient relics or even a natural pool.

    Sims 4 In the Jungle: the different kinds of hobbies

    The new game pack, The Sims 4 In the Jungle features countless activities to keep you entertained with your sims. Besides the stroll in the nature, your sims can discover a new culture, new tastes by testing the traditional gastronomy. Then, there are also other entertainment that will give more pleasure to your sims like the discovery of a secret temple and an opportunity to venture into mysterious rooms.

    But, you must also be careful when you ride your sims. Rocks can crush you from nowhere. Among other things, adventure in the jungle can cause major dangers such as bee sting or meeting with spiders or other predators able to kill your sims.

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