The Sims 4 – new pack : My first pet is arriving now on PC and MAC

    The Sims 4, The Sims 4 Dogs and Cats, The Sims 4 First Pet
    The Sims 4, The Sims 4 Dogs and Cats, The Sims 4 First Pet

    After The Sims 4 Dogs and Cats the developer of this life simulation game has just embellished this beautiful series with the arrival of the new game pack, The Sims 4 First pet. We talk about a small animal that will surely animate the daily life of your sims. These are small rodents such as hamsters, rats, pygmy hedgehogs or miniature bubalus. So, it’s time for PC or MAC owners to embark on a new adventure by choosing their favorite pet. But it is also possible to discover the true nature of these small animals.

    The features of the new game pack The Sims 4 First Pet

    For the fans of the series The Sims 4 dogs and cats, new animals have come to join the world of sims. This is a new object kit released recently. The game developer The Sims 4 keeps giving gamers an opportunity to get acquainted with small animals like the rat or the hamsters.

    Indeed, this new chapter has highlighted small hairy rodents to animate the daily life of your sims. He is sure that your sims will have the opportunity to see the true nature of his tiny animals. But, it is also possible to offer them a home like small cages. The challenge of your sims is to be able to keep them alive as long as possible. Among other things, you can replace them if you lose your little companion.

    For the moment, this new object kit is for PC or MAC owners. But, it is likely this game would be available for game consoles.

    The Sims 4 First Pet: Rodent Problems

    Of course, it is not always easy to adopt rodents at home. If the cage of your little rodent is dirty. Your pet may be sick. This is a rodent disease that could then affect your sims. Specifically, it is Rabies Rodent Fever. The health of your sims will degenerate. But do not panic, it is possible to seek the cure on the internet to be able to heal itself.