Sims 4 News : Sims 4 Fitness is available now

    Sims 4, Sims 4 Fitness, climbing wall
    Sims 4, Sims 4 Fitness, climbing wall

    Some time ago, the new kit of Sims 4 objects was released. This is Sims 4 Fitness. Want to take care of your sims, make it lose weight or sculpt their silhouette? Now you are served. Your simulation has several possible choices for training. They can do it in a gym, in public places or better at home while listening to music with or without headphones. Otherwise, a new competency has been integrated. It is about climbing a rolling wall. In addition, you can take up a challenge with other sims.

    Sims 4 Fitness : Specificity of this new kit of objects

    It is now possible to sweat his sim with the new kit Sims 4 Fitness. It’s time to put on the sports equipment to start training with gymnastic pants and a suitable sports shoe. Moreover, it is better to always put his earphone in order not to disturb the others. Sometimes, your sim can train in a public place when he jogs. Or even, when he is at home in order to have peace of mind and be a good citizen in the eyes of others.

    Among other things, it is also advisable to train your sim at home to be more at ease by viewing a video monitor. Just select “Training” on the television. You can choose between Plumboomba Dance and MuscloCardio.

    Sims 4 Fitness : More fun to know

    The challenge is also possible for this new kit. This is a new climbing wall. In this case, your sim has a new skill. He can challenge other sims with difficulty levels. There are four levels of climbing with a slight tilt, climbing with a vertical tilt, climbing on the slopes and climbing a wall in a good singing. From time to time, you can save your best possible time on the climbing wall, then check to see if another sim has beaten you.

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