The Sims 4 at the Restaurant: A new series has just arrived

    Sims 4, Electronic Arts, Sims 4 at the Restaurant
    Sims 4, Electronic Arts, Sims 4 at the Restaurant

    A moment ago, the game developer of The Sims 4 has integrated a brand new game kit for gamers on the consoles. This is The Sims 4 at the Restaurant. Indeed, the kitchen lovers would be this time spoiled. But, it’s also an investment for your sim. From building your restaurant to managing the staff, it would be a real challenge. It’s up to you to take care of the launch of your business from A to Z. Moreover, this new kit can also help you to personalize your own restaurant.

    How to build your restaurant in The Sims 4?

    Every day, the Sims 4 Simulation Game brings new game packs to give players more satisfaction. At the beginning of the year, the Sims 4 at the restaurant comes to embellish the series of Electronic Arts including the console Xbox One and PS4.

    It’s a kind of investment-oriented game to bring more fun to the game. You’ll need to simulate to own a restaurant. There are already 6 restaurant models in “My Library”. Then you could shape it to your image.

    How to proceed? You will need to “Transfer” in the properties panel to allocate Simflouz to your company. This amount of money is needed to run your business. You must pay staff salaries. Among other things, the communication tool such as advertising is essential for the promotion of trade. The same goes for furniture.

    Sims 4 – new game kit: managing your restaurant

    It is clear that to run a restaurant, he asks for so much energy. You must therefore hire employees like the chef, the waiters and also the receptionist. To bring your personal touch to your employees, just go to the “create a sim” option. You can choose the dress code that sounds good to welcome your customers. In addition, you can present the menu that suits you the most to attract the attention of other sim and win stars.