The Sims 4’ Spring Events Coming Soon, Collect Growfruit And Hunt Eggs For A Limited Time


    The Sims 4’ Spring Events Coming Soon

    New pack extension will be released this week on The Sims 4 for the spring. The traditional egg hunt returns on a new purpose and a growfruit in which Mrs. Holiday will help you. The idea is to give to the players a chance to unlock few special items and only will be available for a limited time. Hidden eggs have to be found in a period of a month, and in a same time grow Growfruit.

    The details of Growfruit play

    A new personage called Jasmine Holiday in charge of hanging around town seeking for someone who is going to start growing Growfruit as mentioned in the pack. During the month, the players will be tasked with meeting Holiday and will be given Growfruit seeds to be planted. There are different colors of Growfruit seeds, a blue, a yellow, and a green who has actually properties that currently unknown. The fruit can be plucked from a Growfruit tree grown from the seed that Holiday gives the players. The goal is to collect 20 Growfruit to give to Holiday. She is going to give in returns a reward.

    If you grow the perfect Growfruit and give it to Holiday, that will unlock another planter with fancy jewels.

    …And how about seeking eggs?

    The players have to complete different task, the Sims can start looking around the neighbor. This year, 12 eggs are dispatched over the Sims world to be found. Like last year, eggs can be found in very different places when the Sims is seeking for various objects. When searching, players will sometimes receive an egg and duplicate eggs are definite.

    This Sims 4 new pack will be released on March 22 and like all the game patches, full notes can be found on website.

    Have fun gamers!