The Sims 4: take care of dogs and cats in your veterinary clinic

    The Sims 4, dogs and cats, veterinary clinic
    The Sims 4, dogs and cats, veterinary clinic

    You love taking care of animals and also running your own business. After the arrival of the new kit “create a pet”, it is now possible to move up a gear by opening its own veterinary clinic. This is a new extension of the best life simulation game released a few weeks ago. Electronic Arts is still trying to satisfy its fans by creating new extensions. Indeed, your sims can set up a clinic in construction mode, while managing its employees.

    How to set up your own veterinary clinic in The Sims 4?

    EA does not stop surprising the fans of The Sims 4. A few weeks ago, a new kit was born in this series. The developer of the game of life simulation did not stay on “create his favorite animal” but an extension allowed the players to take full advantage of this new face of the game. It is about the possibility of your sim to open a Veterinary clinic to continue this wonderful adventure.

    How to operate this action? Just go into construction mode to set up the cabinet of your sim. Then, it is necessary to manage your clinic while hiring employees. it is possible to recruit but also to return them depending on the circumstances. Moreover, it is also possible to hire his family to embellish the company.

    Heal the dogs and cats of your sims

    Fleas, gilt bowel disorders or excruciating pain… different diseases can affect your patients. Your job is to treat them and cure their ailments by administering medications. And you will be paying after. But sometimes it is necessary to move to the operating table. Castrate, sterilize and destitute animals are contingencies in the veterinary clinic. Several cases may occur in your center. This makes this new extension really interesting.