Sims 4 – Top chefs

    Sims 4 - Top chefs
    Sims 4 - Top chefs

    A few days ago, a new Game pack for The Sims 4 has been announced by Electronics Arts which is a pack of Restaurant style. The Sims team continues to surprise fans of this simulation game. They are now interested in the world of catering. So, it is possible to create your own restaurant. According to EA, The Sims 4 – At Restaurant will be released this spring, on 7 June.

    Build, operate and manage your own restaurant

    EA opens a new facet of The Sims 4. It is now possible to play in the field of restoration in that game. You can build, manage and operate all the improvements that you want in your own restaurant. So, you can start your business by building a new restaurant. Then, you can manage it beginning with to pay for furniture, advertising and staff salaries.

    Among others, the Sims team never ceases to surprise gamers by offering them an opportunity to impose their talent and kitchens style.

    More details to satisfy the fans for the Sims 4 At Restaurant

    The developer has thought of everything for the players because there are many details which make this game interesting:

    • At first, you have to engage employees inexpensive to start. You need at least one chef, host and server.
    • You must evaluate the skills of your head to create the menu of your restaurant.
    • Then, you can observe your staff work. You have to watch your staff in action to see if everything goes well. So, it is important to monitor the servers that can be awkward.
    • You ought to pay training for the employees and motivate them in order to have a high quality service in your restaurant.

    And, you can invest in advertising to attract the attention of customers.