Sims 4 will be available on Xbox One and PS4 very soon

    Sims 4, Xbox One, PS4
    Sims 4, Xbox One, PS4

    You have decided to experiment the Sims 4 game on your console. Good news has just fallen from Maxis. Scheduled for this November, the simulation game of life, the Sims 4 will come out both on the console of Microsoft, Xbox One and on the Play Station 4. Now all game players on console will have the right to play the best simulation game of life including the various basic updates. In fact, the developers have adapted a catalog of game DLC to make the owners of console the best contents.

    Sims 4 News: An excellent arrival on your console

    For those who prefer to play on console, get ready. The Sims 4 arrives on console Xbox One of Microsoft and PS4 of Sony. According to the executive producer, Lyndsay Pearson, the console version of the game The Sims 4 has long been expected by fans and novices alike. You can enjoy all the basic updates as soon as it is released.

    The principle of the Sims 4 on consoles will be the same as on PC. In anticipation the novelties like Newcrest will be included. It’s a new world added to give your Sims more space to evolve. The same is true for the basic Create Sim option. More customization options have been added. And finally, you can also enjoy the Sims 4 toddlers and others.

    Sims 4 News: How to get the game the Sims 4 on Xbox One and PS4?

    It’s official! The release of Sims 4 on Xbox One and Play Station 4 will be on November 17. It is now possible to pre-order the game. Two versions will be available. There is the standard version which will cost 49.99 €. In addition, the Deluxe Party version will cost 59.99 €. This version will contain some digital content including “King of the Feast”, “Unforgettable Night” and “Funky Animal Hats”.

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