The SIMS 4 will be released on Play station 4 and Xbox 360 with all the DLC and Updates


    Who doesn’t talk about the life simulation game Sims 4 released on a consol?  It is the favorite player’s subject. In fact gamers can’t wait until it will come for real. On the other hand, some are somehow sceptical about the release in consol of their favorite game. Some report has announced issues in porting the game to a consol. What is it really happening? When can we play the game on PS4 or XBOX one? Do we have to wait for any longer to be able to play the Sims 4 on a consol?

    A few reports

    In a Day Heral report, it is mentioned that the people in charge of porting the Sims 4 into a consol have encountered some several issues. The producers haven’t said anything about a possible cancel or a delay. But it is almost sure to imagine that the released further.

    But the fans are patiently waiting for Play station 4 and XBOX one but it seems like they still have to wait for a little longer. Anyway, they should not be disheartened since the game is speculated to be release with all the DLC’s.

    According to de developers, they are hoping to see the Sims 4 working perfectly years after its released, as this is the necessary time that it takes to port game.

    But what are the rumors?

    Some points that the game will be released this month. But the electronic Arts haven’t said anything about it. Nothing is yet sure for this release of the most popular life simulation game.  But what is sure is that developers are working on it, even though they are facing some problems on porting it to PS4 and XBOX one. But the fans are patiently waiting for the game to be release on a consol despite unexpected delay.