The Sims 4: Multitasking Feature Making Characters More Believable

    With the news of The Sims 4 coming out, fans are interested about the new feature of “multitasking” the game offers. The feature was one of the most requested to be added on to the new game and in the recent Game Developers Conference 2014 panel, software engineer Peter Ingebretson unveiled some of those “multitasking” actions.

    Before anything was announced Ingebretson stated that Maxis’ goal with The Sims 4 was to bring “the most natural iteration” out of the series.

    He continued on saying, “When we looked at the Sims and tried to decide what would make them feel more natural and more believable, one thing that we realized is that in the real world, people do things at the same time all the time. The software engineer believes that multitasking gives the illusion that several things are being done at the same time.

    In game, it makes the Sims actions less complex from the original one-on-one actions. With that said here are a few examples of some of the actions that will connect together with a gamer’s Sim while multitasking to provide more natural and believable responses.

    Exercise and Talk


    One of the examples that was released at panel was a Sim running on a treadmill while talking to another Sim nearby. Before all that happened the Sim exercising first started off just having a regular conversation with the other Sim, then the other was sent to the treadmill.

    The Sim that is now working out continues to answer to the non-exercising Sim as they keep running on the machine. The workout action combined with the conversation action results in the new feature of multitasking and just like in the real world it happens fluidly to give gamers a more natural occurrence.

    Drink, Eat, and Mingle

    The second example showed a Sim with a group of friends drinking. At first the selected Sim was drinking, but then was ordered to eat some food nearby. The Sim put down the drink from his hand at the table he was standing next to and proceeded to pick up a plate of food.

    Developers mentioned that if there was no table near the Sim the drink would simply disappear so the Sim can go and pick up the food, once the food is gone the drink will reappear in the Sim’s hand and he’ll continue to drink. Besides eating and drinking, there is also the new multitasking feature of standing while drinking and taking a few pauses to talk to another Sim making the actions more believable like it happens on a daily basis.