The Sims 3: Save up to 77% in this End-of-the-Year sale!

    2013’s almost gone, but there’s still time to save some money on The Sims 3.

    The Sims 3 Special Sale

    Save up to 77% in Origin’s End-of-the-Year sale:

    • The Sims 3 Starter Pack:
    • The Sims 3 Generations:
    • The Sims 3 Plus Showtime:
    • The Sims 3 Ambitions:
    • The Sims 3 Supernatural:
    • The Sims 3 Pets:
    • The Sims 3 University Life:
    • The Sims 3 Island Paradise:
    • The Sims 3 Into the Future:
    • The Sims 3 Seasons:

    COMMENT on what expansion packs you’re getting this year and SHARE this news to your friends!



    1. Gotta love end of the year sales! And this one is like no
      other. Up to 77% off is a really sweet deal. Love all the Amazon links, they
      are really useful and convenient in purchasing the games right away. I already
      bought Sims 3 Into the Future and looking forward to buying Sims 3 Seasons before this sale ends!

    2. Totally agree with you, Catherine. This sale is great! I got
      Sims 3 Seasons, Ambitions, and Supernatural! Now I want Pets too…but I’m afraid
      that may be too much retail therapy haha! Upto 77% off is great, but being a
      student, I should probably try to save enough to pay rent huh? =P

    3. Hahahaha. I could not agree more! I blew all my Christmas
      money on this sale and it was totally worth it! I have bought Plus Showtime, University
      Life and Ambitions. All set for this year. Must keep away from buying more, can
      not keep on binge shopping on Sims =D

    4. Thanks for compiling this – really helpful. I’m sending these links to friends as “gifts”. I’m so hooked I wish the others were like LOL. This way I’d have more playmates on Sims.


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