Study at University in The Sims 4

    Sims 4, Sims 4 University, Sims 4 new pack
    Sims 4, Sims 4 University, Sims 4 new pack

    As the holiday season approaches, Electronic Arts and Maxis Studios have recently offered a new extension of The Sims 4 game. This is “The Sims 4 University” with which you can experience the lives of students. You also have the pleasure of taking advantage of all the kits of objects matching the Christmas theme or others. In addition, there are a few cheat codes that circulate to get a taste of your university career. Right now, it is particularly gamers on PC or Mac who are privileged with this extension pack. But, owners of Playstation 4 and Xbox will also be in the game very soon.

    How exactly is this new “Sims 4 University” expansion going?

    The game developer The Sims 4 always responds to gamers’ requests.

    Sims 4 University was one of the most anticipated extensions lately. Today, you can play the life you dream of at university on PC and Mac. In addition, you can take advantage of the holiday season to have more fun with friends or with your family. For those who want to play Sims 4 University, you simply need to bring the game in question. Next, you need to install the required updates to fully take advantage of the student journey.

    Concretely, Sims 4 University mainly offers you different establishments to browse your university curriculum. There is already the University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute. The latter is a modern university. Each university has several activities such as the library, the gym, the classrooms and more. Just integrate your sims into the curriculum you would like to browse. So you can have good and bad times in class. You also have the privilege of making friends and spending time in your favorite place. To receive your diplomas, you must go through the assessments. It is therefore necessary to go to the library to document and broaden your skills. In this winter period, you have many kits of objects to warm up your sims with suitable outfits, sometimes atypical. And above all you also have the opportunity to adopt Christmas decorations for more fun.

    Some tips to speed up your university studies

    With the Sims 4 University, your sims will have to go a long way for each discipline chosen. You will have diplomas at the end of your studies. In any case, there are several areas to choose from including robotics, art history, biology, communication or others.

    Good news for impatient gamers, cheat tips and tricks have been leaked recently. Now you can reach the top while activating the cheat codes. Besides, you have the choice of the existing diploma levels like the simple standard level or with mention, the prestigious level. But, you can also reach the top with the best diploma whose distinguished level with honors. Then you can enter each code on your PC or Mac while mentioning the skills you want to have. The same goes for your personal strengths. You can anticipate your career in university sport by becoming top athletes, so you can have a promotion in your career.