Knowing the Score: The Music of The Sims 4

    When The Sims 4 is released for Microsoft Windows on September 2, game players will likely be enthralled by the character customization options but they’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the game’s music. This year’s version of the game has much improved graphics, fewer load screens, less career options and a much more enhanced auditory experience. The music’s aim is to not only make the game more enjoyable to play but also to stimulate the game player’s creative juices.

    Brand New Tunes

    The Sims 4’s soundtrack is all new and as equally artistic as the game’s much improved visuals. The game’s soundtrack was created with the help of British composer Ilan Eshkeri. He has worked on films like Ausenland, Stardust, Johnny English Reborn and Layer Cake.

    Players of The Sims 4 will find themselves humming along to many of the songs and even coming back to play the game just to listen to the music in the way that video gamers used to return to titles like Zelda and Donkey Kong.

    The Sims 4 Music Changes According To Context

    Like its predecessors, The Sims 4 requires its players to spend ample time creating sims, building structures and ordering their creations around town. Sometimes this can be a bit tedious. Thankfully the occasional monotony is offset by mood enhancing music that actually changes based on what activities the game player is performing.

    When players are building homes or customizing their sim characters, they will experience a total of 8 different intensities. When these levels change, the music corresponds with alterations in not only pitch and tempo but also new tracks to fit the context of the gameplay.

    For example, when a player is customizing the details of a sim’s body or face, the music becomes much less dynamic than it is when the player is zoomed out and modifying more general sim characteristics. So, when the player is altering the shape of his new sim’s eyes, he might only hear a single musical note but when he is designing the sim’s body shape he’ll hear multiple instruments playing an elaborate piece.

    The Music Can Impact Gameplay

    There’s even player controlled stereo features. For example, when a sim tries to spark the flame of love with another sim, the game player will be able to boost the likelihood of a connection by playing a romantic tune during the interaction.

    Live Mode’s Dynamic Music

    There’s also new tunes for Live Mode to correspond to the changes in gameplay drama. The emotional depth of the music changes according to what happens to each sim during the course of the game. Sometimes there are short but meaningful sound effects in between songs that serve to complement the context of a specific event.