The Sims 4: 10 Crazy Secrets (That You Totally Have To Check Out)

    #10-The Forgotten Grotto– In Desert Bloom Park by way of a mysterious mine shaft door, The Forgotten Grotto is a secret hidden within the depths of the mountain. The door can only be accessed after leveling your Sim up to 10 in the Handiness skill.

    #9-Despicable You– Choosing the Agency Clerk Job presents two possible career paths. You can become a Secret Agent or choose the Double Agent path. A choice that will lead you to becoming a super-villain.

    #8-Kick Your Bucket ListThe Sims 4 now allows players to fast-forward through their life long goals by bringing up the console and entering, aspirations.complete_current_milestone, leaving you free to command your Sim like the virtual god/goddess you are.

    #7-Pixels for Pirates– As one of the most pirated game franchises in history, EA his included a special gift for the digital bandits. As many players know, when showering or using the bathroom, a Sim’s naughty bits become pixelated. On pirated versions of the game, this pixelation ultimately spreads to cover the entire game rendering it nearly unplayable.

    #6-Testing Mode– By once again bringing up the console, players can enter, testingcheats true, enabling them to manipulate the characters and objects to a far greater extent.

    #5-Disable Tutorials– As any Sims veteran knows, the in game tutorials can often become utterly frustrating. In The Sims 4, EA has given players the option to turn them off.


    #4-Breaking Bad-Ass– With the enhanced character creator, players can create detailed Sims like never before. Including favorite, Walter White.

    #3-When Times Are Tough…Cheat– In this latest installment, EA allows players to continue using cheats for everything from banking serious simoleons to becoming immortal.

    #2-Sylvan Glade– Though it sounds like an elfin air freshener, Sylvan Glade is actually another secret neighborhood. Simply send your Sim to the Crick Cabana in Willow Creek and have him view the unique tree repeatedly and he will soon be able to climb inside and be whisked away to Sylvan Glade.

    #1-Bovine Botany– Visit Desert Bloom Park once more, head to the nearby pond and fish until you catch the Cow Plant Berry. Plant this in your lot and within a few days you will have a fully grown Cow Plant.

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