The Sims 4: Expectations and Predictions

    Many fans and players of The Sims, from the very first game to the current game, The Sims 3, want more than is being offered. As a Sims player myself, I’ve also been playing since The Sims Bustin’ Out came out on Playstation 2 and have some predictions and expectations of my own.

    Majority Rules

    Most players want more customization options and aging options. A lot of the emphasis is on aging and the creation of the sims themselves along with the customization level of the clothing.

    aging Sims


    In The Sims 3, sims within the game can get pregnant and have a child. The child is born as a newborn, who stays as a newborn and doesn’t age for three sim-days. When the child does age, he ages to a toddler. Afterward to a child, then teenager, then young adult, adult, and elder.

    Some players want more aging options. They’d prefer that when newborns (0-11 months) age to toddlers, the toddlers (1-2) age to young children to fit the ages of three to five. Then the young children age to children (6-10). Afterward, there are pre-teens (10-13) followed by the teens (14-19), which are then followed by the young adults (20-39), the adults (40-49), the middle aged adults (50-69), and finally the elders (70+).

    While some players think this many aging options is a lot, many players think it’s a great idea and would love to see it in The Sims 4.

    Create-A-Sim Options

    As many players that want more aging options want some more room for customizing their sims the way they want. In the current game, the height can’t be adjusted, the hair can’t be changed, etc. Players want to change the height with sliders, along with the hair length and type.

    Personally, I think they should bring The Sims 2 back a little with the sliders for clothes. There were sliders for sleeve length, for collars, for skirt, shorts, and pants length. There were sliders for the way the pants flared out, etc. There were also layers of clothing like an undershirt, a regular shirt over that, and a jacket over that if the player wanted.

    Sure, The Sims 3 tried to balance the lack of customization on the type of clothes with Create-A-Style, which allows the player to change the material, color, etc. of the piece of clothing, but it hardly compares.

    Landscaping and Rabbit Holes


    Many simmers get agitated due to the fact that there are landscaping limits and rabbit holes. Rabbit holes are when a sim goes into a building, like their work building, etc., and the player can’t see them or what they’re doing. Developers are getting better with this with ever update, however.


    Building a house can be fun but annoying due to the limits. Some players want to place a driveway on a hill, while others want to change the height of the walls and roofs. Landscaping options are pretty vast right now, but simmers want more. They want to manipulate how the stairs go up to the next floor and how there should be no building limit. If you want to make a massive mansion, there should be no limits.

    Simmers obviously love The Sims. The Sims 4 will hopefully be an amazing game with loads of new content and abilities. However, The Sims 4 isn’t as of yet being developed. They are currently working on The Sims 3: University and two other expansions packs that will be coming out later this year.



      • i would enjoy it if we could have little vamps.. it’s so hard to meet vamps without little vamps since there are only a few in sims 3. I read some posts sayig vamps have the right to woohoo but not the right to have babies if they can whoohoo they should be able to have little vamps too.. lsfeelings is also nice and so it teen pregnancy and drug usage and going into a lot more stores and hospitals on the inside.. not them go in ansdbut but if you can’t have little vamps it’s not worth playing

    1. I think they need to introduce medical conditions and like Weegeetnik says, disabilities. A lot of my friends have disabilities and want to make themselves into a sim, it doesn’t work for them. The graphics need to be so much better and sims need to be more realistic. Love the idea of more age ranges.

    2. I think in the sims 4 with sims actual age should be put in aswell… there should be nurseries for when the parents are in work… they should also have the different types of schools like primary and secondary… also if it is going to be like real life then teenagers of any age should be able to have a child aswell

    3. Personally, I think they should bring The Sims 2 back a little with the sliders for clothes. There were sliders for sleeve length, for collars, for skirt, shorts, and pants length.

      ^^ This is definitely untrue. The Sims 2 is the game I’ve played from release up until now and there are NO sliders to customize the clothing in any way. The only thing you could choose between is a “fit” and “fat” bodytype.

    4. I don’t play babies. I find them annoying. So i prefer the current age customization. The moment they are born, age transition. Stat!Actually, I don’t play sims, I create them, seat back and watch just how ridiculous they behave.Especially with NRAAS story progression on, daebak!
      And yes it would be awesome to customize height as well as layering clothes

    5. I am so excited and waiting with anticipation for the Sims 4 to come out! I have a few ideas of things that I would like to see in the Sims 4. I’m trying to make them specific enough so if the design team reads these, they could hopefully implement my ideas.
      1. I really like how there is a feeling sick moodlet in the Seasons expansion, however it would be nice to see it taken one step further in that if your sim has the feeling sick moodlet, their energy bar would be in the yellow or red zone and no matter how much sleep they got, they wouldn’t be able to get out of the yellow zone until they were feeling better. It would also be nice to have a random amount of days the sim would have the sick moodlet from 1-5. Sick sims shouldn’t be able to go to school and if they go to work possibly their boss could send them home.
      2. My second idea is about the relationship status. I think if would be nice if when a sim goes on one or two dates with another sim and becomes “romantically involved” that if the sim does not call or talk to the sim they are “romantically involved” with for several days, they should no longer be “romantically involved.” I do like that the ghost of a spouse stays romantically involved with that spouse. Could their be a “widow/widower” status?
      3. It would be nice if the grief moodlet lasted longer and gradually went away or would reappear around holidays (if ts4 has seasons) and anniversaries of deaths.
      4. I would like sims to respond to the betrayed moodlet and the broken heart moodlet similarly as they respond to the grief moodlet by crying randomly. I notice with the grief moodlet sims cry a lot when they first wake up and I think this should be true also with the betrayed and broken heart moodlet.
      I hope someone reads my ideas but am really looking forward to the new sims regardless of the changes that are made!

    6. These are great suggestions. I definitely agree with having height sliders and I never even thought of hair type sliders. One thing I really hope EA/Maxis does is make a way for simmers to seamlessly travel from one city to the other without losing relationships and their job. FYI, the weight sliders and clothes length sliders was in the Sims 2 for PlayStation not PC. That’s probably why most people don’t know it exists.

    7. like a city, this time in more definitions. ilimeted area. like a cities how we know. modern & sims more big size. for mobile too, in same way.

    8. These are MY Sims 4 Expansion Packs Ideas (I know no-one is talking about this hear but I just wanted to share my ideas of what the sims 4 expansion packs could be)

      The Sims 4 Supernatural:.
      You can be a wizard, vampire, wearwolf, ghost, fairy, zombie, mermaid, mummy (like a zombie, sleeps in surcofecest) or alian (like evil or good, ugly, scary or beauty). You get to have new pets: dragon (from The Sims makin’ magic), spectral cats, ect.

      The Sims 4 Wild Life:
      You get pets (Dogs, cats, ect.), but you also get farm animals (Horses, sheep, cows, chickens, lamas, ect) and wild animals (Lions, snakes, zebras, elephants, penguins, rhinos n ect,). You also get to make zoo’s, and animal shelters. Their can be an animal police, dog catcher, vet, ect.

      The Sims 4 Seasons Fun:
      You get the normal seasons (fall, winter, spring and summer), but , like with The Sims 3 Seasons, you get holidays, such as “Spooky Day” (Halloween), “Love Day” (Valentines Day), “Present Day (Christmas)”, “New Seasons Day (New Years, vested on the last holiday’s last day) and “Vacation Time” (like The Sims 3 Seasons Leisure Day, just like a summer day vacation day. That lasts 3 days). They also put new weather in, like windy and cold (without rain or snow).

      The Sims 4 Time Travel:
      Like The Sims 3 Into The Future, but you can now also go into the past! A new way to make houses (in the past) is with stone. And the “cars” is like The Flinstones cars. The speed of your “car” is determined by the fitness of your sim. And theirs new pets! As you might as well think. Their is going to be dinasours as pets and teradactels! The pets is going to grow into the size of a teenager, but you must learn the pet to obey you, because if you don’t, then he will probably EAT you if he’s fully grown! Their will also be a new lot, called: The Jungle! Their is wear the BIGG dinasours life, all is gentle, butt their is one evil one! You can learn the locals what electricity is. You can fully shape the past! The expansion pack still has the future. It has all the future stuff in The Sims 3 Into The Future, I geas.

      The Sims 4 Showtime :
      This expansion pack is the same as The Sims 3 Showtime, just now its combined with making movies and The Sims 3 Movie Stuff!!

      The Sims Night Time Fun:
      This expansion pack combines The Sims 3 Late Night and The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff.

      The Sims 4 World Adventures:
      This expansion pack is just like The Sims 3 World adventure, just with new locations. Not only China, Franz and Egypt, but Africa, India and The Old West (cowboys) to. Now your sims can enjoy twist the adventure, and now can enjoy the whole worlds aspects!

      The Sims 4 Business Ambitions:
      This Expansion pack combines The Sims 3 Ambitions, The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff and The Sims 2 Open For Business! Now enjoy all the work, all the dream jobs, and SIMILIONS!!!

      The Sims 4 Life Generations:
      This expansion pack combines The Sims 3 Generations and any family enjoyments such as carnivals, theme parks, circuses (if The Sims 4 Wild Life is installed, the circuses can have animals doing tricks! Like in REAL circuses) and family days!!! Theme parks are HUGE, because there are stuff like roller coasters.

      The Sims 4 Vacation Destination:
      This expansion pack combines The Sims 3 Island Paradise and The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff. This gives sims new vacation destinations (as the name says) and it combines outdoor living and the mountains. With The Sims 4 World Adventures installed, you can acutely go to ENY destination for vacation!

      The Sims 4 Studies:
      This expansion pack includes The Sims 3 University Life and the new study ways. You can now see what your sims do in schools and in university’s. In high-school (teenagers) you can choose your job choices, like in university, but you must choose like math, biology, etc. In schools you can go in groups like the study group, culture group, etc. If your done with school AND university, you still can study for jobs! Now your sims can really enjoy the study life!


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