The Sims 4 is officially announced!

    The Sims 4

    Electronic Arts and Maxis unveiled the intention for The Sims 4 to be released for PC and Mac in the year 2014 on Monday, May 6th. It has been confirmed that the game will host individual, or single-player, content that is accessed offline. Many gamers have welcomed this news due to connectivity issues with Origin that were required to play the game SimCity.

    The goal of EA and Maxis has been announced as creating more intuitive characters and interactions. Sharing creations and content has been boasted as a new feature that The Sims 4 will host.

    The Sims 4 Xbox

    Over 150 million copies of The Sims series have been sold across the world, making it one of the most successful simulation games of all time. The Sims 4 will present players with more options to customize not only their characters and personalities, but also their surroundings. Greater story play will enhance the environments in which the sims socialize, work, and perform other interactions.

    Perhaps the most attractive feature of The Sims series has been the option for gamers to create an ideal world where they can choose the career and lifestyle that appeals to them the most. There is no doubt that The Sims 4 will make bold improvements to the game’s graphics and seek to submerse the gamer into an increased sense of realism.

    The Sims 4

    There has been no comments as of yet that The Sims 4 will be released for video game consoles such as PS3 and XBOX 360. Though the game will definitely have single-player offline content, The Sims 4 most likely will also let players interact online if they wish to do so, much like the Facebook version of The Sims. After all, this social component is a vital part of the gameplay.

    It is anticipated that more news will be released in the coming months that will further define the features of The Sims 4 and ease players’ anxiety.

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