The Sims 4 is Offline because of some complaint from SimCity!


    SimCity Launch

    Earlier this year, EA launched a reboot of its popular SimCity game. The single-player game required users to have a constant online connection to have access to the game. This digital protection is meant for people who pirate games.


    It only caused problems for legitimate users who tried to play the game on servers that were unable to keep up with the task. Weeks went by where users were unable to play the game. There was significant backlash from gamers. They were infuriated with EA because a game they had paid for was inaccessible to legitimate customers.


    Frank Gibeau stated that the company learned from its mistakes in the past and continues to make changes that will benefit customers.

    EA will do away with the need for a constant online connection in the future. After listening to the negative feedback with the release of SimCity, the company decided to change The Sims 4 to an offline single-player experience. This change will extend the release of the popular Sims series.

    The Sims 4

    SimCity has an extremely loyal fan-base of gamers. EA claims to want to satisfy their core fans by ridding future games of online passes and increasing offline single player games that customers will enjoy. Although EA claims they are hearing the outcry from customers, they have yet to make the necessary changes to SimCity.

    This makes customers wonder whether EA will make any changes to its future games like they promised.



    1. Complaints for SimCity?
      Fuck those complaints there’s a bounce of billion people waiting for Sims 4!!Why you added to Offline :/!!
      – Add some special news about how Sims 4 will look like etc
      Complaints and compaints..! blabblablablabla.!
      I would like to know when the Demo/Beta will be relesed!
      – Weaked Games

      • SimCity requires connection to their service and network
        For some countries which can’t reach to it, how can they play?
        That’s why they complain

    2. For @WeakedGames
      Fuck you!!! you didn’t get it do ya? there’s so many complaints of simcity because it’s restricted to online mode only but ea’s server couldn’t even handle it! and if the sims 4 goes online only, then every player out there will be restricted and there will not be “god mode” ever again for good!

    3. I have been a fan of the sims since Sims 1 and have bought all the games, as well as played The Sims Online. I met of my closest friends playing The Sims Online. I was hoping that Sims 4 would be an online game and I was willing to pay for it as well. There really should be an option to play online or offline. If Sims 4 is just another single player game with no option to play with other people that love the sims online, why would I bother investing my time and money in it when Sims 3 is still so new and I am enjoying playing it. I am not buying a new computer to play another single player Sims game. My computer would melt down with the sims 4 graphics most likely. But if the game have great graphics and I could play with my sim friends online I would be willing to upgrade my computer and pay to play. If not, you will lose alot of the old timers that buy every add on, expansion and shop the store.

    4. Hm… online would be cool, but not like simcity, to big a fail, people should not have to logon to a game, just to play it.
      Must be an other option, make an offline mode, and online, so people can choose what they want!

    5. I am pleased Sims4 will have the offline mode .. I do love SimCity but it is frustrating when the server your using goes down and you lose your work!

      Also the only way to save is to quit from the game which is nonsense! This is why many SimCity users complain.

      As for social interactions. I guess you will have the choice to go online if you want to do this whilst playing .. Personally I don’t as I find it distracting as I mostly build.

    6. Well technically we will still have to log in to an Origins account to play. At least we do with Sims 3. I enjoyed the online game play of Sims Social on Facebook. I thought that The Sims 4 was going to be similar to Sims Social and that’s why EA got rid of all their games on there. I love the new graphics capability so far.

    7. What I would like to see, is both an offline and online mode. The online mode requires an ea account to be logged in. This is what I think they planned, both an offline and online option. It would be nice if there were an online *option* which is similar to TSO. What I think the blue Plumbobs are for is showing other players in online mode. I can’t think of anything else the blue ones are for.

    8. Not that my opinion will sway the development of the game, but we Simmers have been waiting for the chance to play online with our friends for a long time. I feel we would like to see the families we create experiencing other unique families in an online setting. This being said, there needs to be a middle ground. One where we can choose the mode in which we play while retaining our creativity.

    9. As a long time fan of the Sims i really looked forward to The Sims 4. The main reason was because of the rumors of an online multiplayer game. “Finally” was my first thought. With the current technology in gaming, the possibilities are endless. But i was kind of let down when i heard that the game would be offline singleplayer… Once again. And the excuse is really pathetic. First of all, you shouldn’t compare SimCity and The Sims with eachother, nor should you expect the fanbase to be the same. I know that there is a lot of people out there who were hoping for an online experience, where they could get to interact with real people. Is it really that hard to add this one feature? Maybe even make it possible to play both online and offline?

    10. Come on Ea, How Hard Can it be to make both, multiplayer and singlplayerversion, Ea is a really bad game maker, all other game makers dont have these problems, wake Up…

    11. Dear Sims community,

      Reading all of the discussions going on about the Sims game puts me at a stand still. 1st the game is on it’s own genre base a game where you go around creating a family and living a virtual life deserves some gratitude. Being a Sims fan from the first Sims and watching the Sims series develop you have to respect and give E.A the dedication it deserves. Now the Sims should be a multiplier experience but not a public based. Invite only up to 4 players in a lobby. If they did this it would make not only new Sims players that are not experienced with the game to get into a hands free environment with people that he/she knows. 2nd Sims should be controlled up to walk down to back up and pan the camera with the left and right keys. Do a two disk set and have a language CD where the person can hear his own language. If they did these things it would make the Sims in my opinion pop out to people and have not only the experienced players happy but would open up to the new gaming community. Now complaining about the multiplier from 2 different games. Granted some of the fan base from Sims City would come to Sims 4 yes but their is a wider Spectrum of people that were not only expecting Sims 4 to begin a new generation chapter but a great multiplier experience. Just scrapping the idea without even trying it in my opinion was a ms-step. People want and expect this game to be perfect, its a video game with technology ever changing either take the game how they make it or leave it be. E.A will make their money either way. Again these are just thoughts not guarantees and i am anticipating this game to be a great game.

      P.s Can someone tell me what console the game is coming out for? I have the xbox one people are saying the xbox one. I have the xbox 360 people are saying the xbox 360. Just to end the confusion on my end can someone clear it up for me.

      -Xavier Medina


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