The Sims 4 is Offline because of some complaint from SimCity!


    SimCity Launch

    Earlier this year, EA launched a reboot of its popular SimCity game. The single-player game required users to have a constant online connection to have access to the game. This digital protection is meant for people who pirate games.


    It only caused problems for legitimate users who tried to play the game on servers that were unable to keep up with the task. Weeks went by where users were unable to play the game. There was significant backlash from gamers. They were infuriated with EA because a game they had paid for was inaccessible to legitimate customers.


    Frank Gibeau stated that the company learned from its mistakes in the past and continues to make changes that will benefit customers.

    EA will do away with the need for a constant online connection in the future. After listening to the negative feedback with the release of SimCity, the company decided to change The Sims 4 to an offline single-player experience. This change will extend the release of the popular Sims series.

    The Sims 4

    SimCity has an extremely loyal fan-base of gamers. EA claims to want to satisfy their core fans by ridding future games of online passes and increasing offline single player games that customers will enjoy. Although EA claims they are hearing the outcry from customers, they have yet to make the necessary changes to SimCity.

    This makes customers wonder whether EA will make any changes to its future games like they promised.