The Sims 4: Let the feelings begin!

    The Sims 4 – Feeling Better About It

    Maxis announced The Sims 4 will be released in the fall of 2014. It will be the latest in The Sims series, and the leading feature of this new game is the introduction of feelings (or sentiments). This replaces the binary happy or sad meter that has been in place for all the previous games in the series.

    Talking about our feelings

    The Sims 4 ScreenshotIn The Sims 4, your Sim’s emotional state (sad, happy, anxious, etc.) will unlock new context-sensitive actions and change their abilities. Each state will also have advantages and disadvantages, so gameplay is not longer all about getting sims to their happy place.

    A depressed sim won’t talk as much, but it will allow the sim to write and paint and pursue creative endeavors better than he or she otherwise would have. You wouldn’t want her to be depressed all the time, but if she’s writing, being depressed will make her write at her best.

    Angry sims won’t be able to reason with others at well, and other sims will try to avoid him. But, this makes the sim more determined, so if an angry sim works out on the exercise bike, he’ll be able to work out harder. Again, another trade off you’ll want to make some of the time. Or all of the time, if you’re looking for an overachiever sim.

    Making Sims Angry

    The Sims 4 Screenshot

    So how do you get sims into these emotional states? It can happen either by the sims own actions (such as breaking the toilet, for example), by the actions you make the sims take, or even by the environment. A sim passing a sad painting will see his or her become more sad.

    The Sims 4 will be released late in 2014, and Maxis has stated that upgrading your hardware will not be required. They are working on making The Sims 4 run better than The Sims 3, due to a brand new engine. Additionally, The Sims 4 bucks the trend games requiring a persistent online connection to play.



    1. Why won’t anyone answer if it comes with online interactions like Sims online, and what is the difference between the premium and limited edition…

      • It is going to have the Internet options like the Sims 3 but you will not have to always be online to play, they learned their mistake with the newest sim city backlash.

    2. EA/Sims – this picture is completely unacceptable. I cannot believe that this was allowed. It’s one thing to have it in Simlish, but really?

    3. I don’t really understand the need to drop 4 f-bombs, disrespect a woman and to invoke a religeous icon.

      Is this what TS4 is all about with the emotion-system? That you finally can play a total A-hole? Given the holier than thou censorship on, I have to say… I rather have that than this blatent attempt to start something.

      If Maxis is looking to destroy the franchise, they’re making all the right moves. I’m not the most morally inclined of people, but this has me reconsider my pre-order.

    4. If that kind of language is going to be in the Sims 4, there is no way I will ever have anything to do it. I am also going to warn my daughter not to buy it. That kind of language is still very offensive to some of us, a lot more of us than you guys may think. There are quite a few Christians who play the Sims 3, who will not want anything to do with the Sims 4 if they see that picture. If they don’t, and they buy the game, you can expect a huge backlash from them.

    5. Not impressed with the language used in the top photo of this news article. If this is what the Sims 4 is going to contain I for one am NOT BUYING!

      • I wonder if it has or will it have an option to turn off the extended feelings, I think it should if this is going to hurt a lot of peoples feelings.

    6. We all play the Sims 3 in my house. I have to say this language with all the 4 letter words is unacceptable. This language is not allowed in our home. If this is what is is going to be like I will not buy it. My teenage daughters think it is unacceptable as well. I am so glad I did not preorder it.

    7. Guys, this site is NOT an official EA site. EA has nothing to do with this site. That shot of a sims 4 screen has been photoshopped. EA will not put that kind of language in the game.

      • Lady…. Your retarded. It’s a game. You know… A video game? Get your head out of your ass and look around you. People like you ruin the fun for everyone else. No matter who made the picture, yoy acting like a child over it is an embarrassment to all. To be honest, I WISH SIMS WOULD SAY SHIT LIKE THAT. I wish they spoke English so they could cuss you the Fuck out. Sorry.. not sorry.

    8. It’s hilarious that most of you think the language is actually from The Sims… Please understand most anyone can put that picture in word, powerpoint, photoshot, paint even and do that… The best advise I can give you.. don’t believe in everything you see on the internet. This is not even an EA/Maxis website.

    9. haha, The sims 4 is more real then ever with that pic, cuz thats whats inside my head all the time Fuck fuck fuck. And seriosly all of you who complains about the pic, do u honestly think EA would post that -.- noobs u dont deserv to play this game xD Fuck Fuck Fuck, life is ust a big Fuck anyway.

    10. This is so cool! I can reflect my real world emotions into
      my sim! How can I make my sim change emotion irrespective of the environment
      and its own actions? Will the happy sad meter be replaced with something more
      comprehensive like an emotional scale or will it be eliminated completely?

    11. First of all, I’d just like to say that, no matter who made
      that photo, it is hardly the kind of thing you should put up on a site
      advertising a game that is meant to be acceptable for teens. That said, I can’t
      wait for Sims 4! This new emotional state thing sounds awesome and I can’t wait
      to try it!


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