The Sims 4 Living Island: Enjoy an original experience with this new pack

    Sims 4, News Sims 4, Living Island
    Sims 4, News Sims 4, Living Island

    In this summer period, the developer Electronic Arts has implemented an expansion pack of the game of simulation of life, The Sims 4. Go with your sims in a heavenly place. It is Sulani Island. There, you can experience life by the sea while enjoying the sun. You can start a new life. Many opportunities open for your sims. This is the perfect time to get dressed and activate the beach mode. It is also an opportunity to discover strange lifestyle in this island paradise. So, this new pack is also downloadable on the Origin platform.

    The features of this new expansion pack

    Released this month of June, Electronic Arts offers you a huge news.

    Designed for PC and Mac for the moment, The Sims 4 Living Island is available for a new adventure. This new pack allows you to enjoy new sizes, new encounters and new experiences. Your sims will have the opportunity to get away from everyday life and change the way of life. This allows to learn about beach life or tropical life. Enjoy the sun and good weather at Sulani.

    With Living Island, your sims will enjoy the sea and the sand. New horizons will open new doors to your sims. The opportunity to work. It is also advisable to build a new home to your sims. There are a multitude of activities that will excite your sims. You can go canoeing for a fishing trip. But, you can also explore the beauty of underwater nature. Among other things, your sims can make a rather atypical meeting. They can become familiar with mermaids or dolphins. Isn’t it great? Your sims will also have the chance to discover spiritual sims or mermaids living with local sims in secret. It is more pleasant to spend a relaxing time at the bar to try tropical cocktails and juices.

    In this archipelago, your sims will discover new culture. To do this, they can explore sacred places. Or, they can know local traditions by talking with the ancestors. One of the key points in this Sulani tradition is to barbecue. Your sims will taste tropical foods. For more comfort, you can dress your sims like Sulani or a tropical outfit. It is about putting on light clothes adapted to the hot climate. For moments of water sports, dress your sims to appropriate outfits. You have to give them snorkels for dives, wetsuits and other supplies that are essential for swimming.

    The different aspects of the work in Sulani

    As in all game packs, your sims will obviously have to work to enjoy all the activities of the island. However, there is a multitude of work that can adopt your sims. With Living Island, there are a lot of work opportunities. As it is an archipelago, your sims can become an excellent lifeguard. Indeed, they can initiate sims in scuba diving. Or, they can fish to survive. But they can also do odd jobs to save more money. Other sims are starters for garbage collection at the seaside.

    Among others, the preservation of nature is one of the important aspects of the island. Some sims will embark on night patrol work. They will supervise the sims that throw anything on the beach. Other sims are more optimistic. They chose the job of marine biologist. To do this, they have saved a lot of money to be more independent. Some go on the treasure hunt. This is to look for ancient cultural objects. It sometimes happens to explore in caves or marine to find unpublished objects. Others will switch to growing natural foods to become familiar with nature.