The Sims 4 Release Date in 2014

    The Sims
    The Sims

    If you have never heard of The Sims or any of the infinite number of spinoffs the games have produced, then you are probably not a gamer. With the insane popularity of the first three games and all the ridiculous number of expansion packs, fans are still hungry for more Sims. It seems though that fans across the globe are having their wishes fulfilled as a release date for The Sims 4 may be in the horizon.

    The Legacy

    The Sims
    The Sims

    The Sims has become one of the most extensive and popular video game series in the history of gaming and is officially the highest selling PC game of all time. Being the only game of its kind, the first game was a huge gaming revolution that redefined the idea of a “simulation” game.

    If you aren’t familiar with the gameplay, The Sims allows you to create characters and live out their lives. You build their homes, you meet new people, you learn new things, you build new things. This is what made The Sims such an iconic part of the game industry. There were no other games at the time that gave you as much freedom and had such unique gameplay.

    The Tradition Continues


    One of the trademarks of the series is the presence of a huge number of expansion packs and spinoffs available for each main game. Additions such as pets, medieval settings, and ghosts, incorporated even more styles of gameplay to the already expansive series.

    As more and more expansion packs were being released, the series began to grow and evolve. With The Sims 3, we saw a whole new type of open world available to the player that brought in even more possibilities. Other expansion packs included new gameplay elements such as online play, mobile touch controls, and brand new settings and characters.

    What Could Sims 4 Bring to The Table?

    The Sims
    The Sims

    With The Sims universe already being so vast, what else could The Sims 4 possibly add to it? It seems that just like the previous titles, The Sims 4 is going to be bigger and better. You will be able to not only wander around your neighborhood but also visit other neighborhoods and areas as well as other sub-neighborhoods. The world will become even more adventurous and inviting.

    It has also been confirmed that the Create-A-Sim feature will be even more extensive, allowing the player to meticulously create any type of character the player can imagine. This will even extend to creatures with the Create-A-Pet feature. Other features such as a realistic weather conditioned environment are also exciting new additions.

    Although there is no official announcement yet, a release window for mid-2014 has been speculated. A release date for this time is very likely, when taking the trends of the other game into account. Also, many EA developers have been very vocal about The Sims 4, indicating that its release date is within reach. It seems that Sims fans can all sleep easy for now.



    1. I started out with the Sims 2 and bought most of the expansion packs. Then I saw the Sims 3. Of course I upgraded but I have been wanting to get all of the expansion packs for the Sims 3 I have 2 right now. My question is should I save up for the Sims 4 and start from their or save up for the rest of the Sims 3 expansion packs? I am 15 this year so I do not have a real job yet but I do want all of the Sims 3 or all of the Sims 4. I almost have $500 some bucks to get a laptop just for the Sims ONLY, exciting right!

      I am always impressed with all of the Sims versions, but there are a lot of glitches (I enjoy them) so I know tons of people are probably hoping the Sims 4 will be a better quality. Thank you all so much for your geeky/nerdy work of super geniuses. Because of you I feel like this is a real world that I can choose how to make, not a game. Thank to you in the Sims 3 I created a homeless shelter for humans and animals with an underground green house/animal area. This is the real world not a game.

      Thank you,
      SJ Hatheway

      • SJ:

        You can buy many of the stuff packs and expansion packs at for good prices if you time your purchases. Origins has sales on Sims 3 stuff often so keep your eyes open. I’ve gotten a few stuff packs for only $6 and expansions for less than $20.

      • Having worked at gaming retail for about 7years if you wait 3-7months after the sims 4 is launched they will probably start releasing packs that have two or more expansions for the price of one and if you wait a bit longer they usually release all the expansions in one pack for pretty cheap (can’t confirm this, but that is how they did it with sims 1 and 2)

        • I understand your point of view, KylieGhee, but Sims 3, to me, was a little less exciting than the Sims 2. That doesn’t mean Sims 3 is a bad game — I love it too! — but Sims 2 had more cheats and hacks… and honestly, I use those a lot. Sims 3 is waaaaaay less glitch, and does not have as many cool cheats. I still love Sims 3 though.

    2. I’m so excited about this. The Sims 3 was definitely not all I’d hoped for it to be. It can’t even compare to Sims 2, and that’s saying something. I really hope this game won’t be a letdown, and it doesn’t sound too far away. 🙂

    3. I’ve always played Sims on the Xbox. Sims bustin out, Urbz, Sims 2, and Sims 3. Of all I liked Sims 2 the best and was upset when Sims 3 wasn’t multiplayer. I hope Sims 4 comes out on Xbox and utilizes Multiplayer. Perhaps even meeting new people from around the world and making new friends or enemies?

    4. I really hope in Sims 4 that all of the occult options(vampires, witches, werewolves, aliens, etc) will be able to be selected as optional play only. That way those who love that genre will be happy and those who don’t will also be happy. The same with Pets. It should be your choice to populate your town with the kind of pets you want.

      Also, CAS. I really love that I can recolor hair and clothing. However, I don’t necessarily like the clothing that comes as standard in the expansion packs. I would love more selectability. They need to ramp up the quality of clothing available in Sims store. They should check out the quality of hair and clothing offered at other web sites. Some of the clothes that come with the expansion packs, I don’t like and never use. I would love it if we could pick the closes, we want available to us in CAS. I think there should be a way to do this.

      Apartments. Make apartments playable like in Sims 2.

      Make a beach vacation spot where you can swim in the ocean like in Sims 2. All objects should be available for purchase in home town. Remember we live in internet age.

      More careers.

      I kind of like University Life in Sims 3, but in some ways Sims 2 was better. There should be college options in the home town where they can go to class at night and earn a degree.

      • They already have the feature to turn off the occult. Just go into your options.

        They have apartments as well, but you must move into one of the city maps (cant remember which one, the one.. I think its called Bridgeport or something.)

        They implemented the ability to swim in the ocean with the Seasons expansion pack.

        I’m able to purchase any and everything that the expansion packs have in my 1st town if I want.

        They added ALOT of careers in Ambitions and even more in University. You can be just about anything you want now.. I have a daughter on there who only does open-hours jobs (fireman, architect, ect..) and she has yet to run out of options in the month I’ve had her.)

        Really the only point I can agree on is that there should be a community college in town for night classes and the lot.. Other than that, just look around the new options in your game and you’ll find that alot of your wishes are already granted 🙂

        • I think what JMBD3151 means with playable apartments is, that you can have more than one household in an apartment block.
          In The Sims 3, you can only have one household, even if you have built a gigantic skyscraper.

          Also, the apartment- townies, so your neighbours, are much more social and available for much more interactions in the Sims 2.

          • Ah, I see what you mean. Honestly I never played Sims 2 to that extent so I just went off what I know. Thanks for the correct though 🙂

        • Well I HATE the starter game on the sims 3, but you know, the sims 2 they all look the same and the quality sucks on them. The ones in the sims 3 are at least realistic! Download some Custom Content, then see which game is better….


      • You freak what are you talking about sims 3 people look heaps better than those unrealistic shitty looking ones on sims 2.The sims 3 people look so much more realistic in comparison to sims 2 people trust me you don’t no what your talking about d*** head

        • Really Henrythe8th? Do you have to be rude? People can have their opinions, which you may not agree with, however don’t be so hateful!

        • Sims 3 people look like they’re made of CLAY!!! The Sims 2 people look totally awesome and realistic. HenryThe8th, SHUT UP!!! Let other people have their own… you know… OPINIONS?!?!

        • If you actually do some research then you would see that in comparison that the Sims 3 vs the Sims 2, that the Sims 2 looks very much similar to the Sims 4 in fact it looks way more similar to the Sims 4 than the Sims 3. So look who is the “d**k head” now…

      • Agreed. Its called “The Sims” (simulator).. I wish they’d add difficulty levels so that you can get rid of things like buying food from the fridge, easy career advancement (I actually wish youd have the risk of being laid off at random times), and more realistic bills.. I mean my house is the size of Wal-Mart and the monthly bill is only 1,000? LoL

    5. I thought that the Sims 3 was good, but could have been better. I am looking forward to Sims 4 and hope there will be some new features and ideas.
      Does anyone know what will be new in Sims 4?!?!

    6. wow! more real looking than ever! more fun looking of the animation!i think sims3 will be still making other expantion packs!but i will GET THE SIMS4 THO!……..I CAN MAKE CELEBS MORE BETTER.

    7. I sure hope the sims4 doesn’t having as many glitches as the sims 3. especially after playing university and getting so many glitches. I really don’t know if I’ll expect much, but we’ll see.

    8. I remember when it was just the sims. Im looking forward to the sims 4 I hope you can do a whole lot more. If the game is put on ps3 and xbox. Hopefully its more than one player w/o internet but above all. I can’t wait whoever decided to create this game the sims. Thankyou.

    9. I would like too see real life stuff in the sims 4 like i wanted it too be like were you can control your self i wanna be able to drive my self around and go to work by myself all of that good stuff it should be like real life

    10. I am so excited for the hopefully close release of this game i have played all of the sims games out to date and still havent grown distand and bored with the series it seems like every new game released in the series is always much bigger and better than the last I dont know about others here but I loved the sims 3 a feature I would love for them to add is a sort of multiplayer option to where you could play with people from around the world

    11. I think you should be able to see them in school, in the office, options at school make your own friends. Sleep in class, text, etc. In the office work. Hospitals treat patients surgery. Salon see the sims have a mud bath etc. Would be a lot better than looking at brick walls

    12. i started the sims series with sims 2 ( and after i tried sims 1) and i loved it. the sims 3 was good but i felt a little more distant from my sims then i did in sims 2 and even with just a few expansions the gameplay was too laggy even on a super fast laptop.
      i’d love sims 4 to focus more on the sims again and have a better game engine.

      • They actually built a whole new engine for it (They do with all the sims games. :P) But, EA said that their main goal was to focus on making the game fun and enjoyable for all range groups, so they probably taking the pre-alpha testers opinions and ideas into serious thought. So, the game should be perfect! *knocks on wood to keep form cursing it*

    13. Sims 4 should be like a little bit of sims 2 and 3. Plus there should be mansions and new towns. Plus sims will never die in sims 4

    14. I really hope that they will allow you to enter building and restruants! Like schools and workplaces. I think this is something that all The Sim’s players would enjoy, and if not, it sure wouldn’t hurt to add it!

      • It will probably work on Windows 7 and 8, and other fairly new ones. I have Windows 8 (I honestly hate it) but it will play Sims 3, so it will probably play Sims 4. (Just so you know, Sims 2 and other earlier Sims games do not run on new computers. It’s a bummer.)

        • I’m really bummed Sims 2 doesn’t work on my new Windows 8 computer. I miss it a lot and can’t wait for Sims 4! I hope it’s more like Sims 2 than Sims 3.

    15. I’m so excited to play the Sims 4! I might pre-order it for my X-mas gift… I hope it’s not like the Sims 3 and it’s more like the Sims 2. I love the Sims 2 but it won’t work on my new laptop. Bummer.

    16. I wish that you could go in to the hospital schools and city hall and I hope that they do opened for bisness and apartment life this time I would also like for them to make the celerity thing more easier but can’t wait and I hope there is some new neat things. !!!

    17. My wish for The Sims 4 is for the sims to walk and get into the cars like in The Sims 2 and after the cook a meal, they serve it like on The Sims 2. I would like for our sims to go shopping again buying their clothes and food.

    18. I hope the Sims4, it’s easier to get the street few instead of the camera angle from the sky. That is what I hated about Sims3. Plus I hope the give you a few more started families give you the view I’m talking about.

    19. I’m hoping they put farm animals in the Sims 4 not just the horses I love there r horses but id love to see cows pigs chickens and so on and also lets you have as many pets as you want

    20. I agree with Kim!I wish their would fewer glitches too! This may sound werid, but i liked in sims 2 when they would actually get acne. I also wish that in Sims 4 they would have to go to stores and get face wash, furniture, clothes,etc. Basically real life in a game.:)
      Hope there are more clothes and furniture and car choices too.

    21. Hope it wont be a big dissapointment, like TS3, until then, I will resume playing TS2 on my windows 7 laptop with all EPs and SP + cc and mods.

    22. L-shaped stairs! Am I the only one that really wants to see those in The Sims 4? I mean, you see them all the time in real homes (the Family Guy house, for example). Two sections of stairs against the wall with a square landing between them. Maybe give us the option to put a bathroom under the stairs. Oh, and curved stairs, you know the ones that have an hourglass shape to them or the ones that get wider toward the bottom? Maybe even warped stairs that twist up in a helix shape. I’d love to see those in TS4, so we can build really impressive mansions. More stair options would be great. 🙂 Overall just more architectural details like crown molding and wall coverings that have shape to them, not just a flat image. I’d like to see a wall with half paneling and half painted wall with a thin banister (that actually sticks out from the wall) separating them. And the paneling that actually has visible 3D cracks in them between the panels. And baseboards that actually stick out from the wall! Oh god, I’m getting a little excited now. Lol

      I would also love to see closets in TS4 where our sims can get in there and grab a jacket, scarf, or hat (for the closets by the front door) or an entirely different outfit (for the closets in bedrooms). An idea would be to give us the option to designate a small room as a bathroom closet, a hallway closet, linen closet, pantry, etc. It’s a small detail, but it’s the small details that can make a mediocre game into a masterpiece.

      • It’s possible in The Sims 3 to make the L-shaped stairs. If you google how to do it I’m sure you’ll find The answer 🙂 or if you use youtube to watch other people build it! (

    23. I hope the Sims 4 starting page thing is like Sims 2 because the Sims 2 starter went faster. Unlike in Sims 3. It takes FOREVER to load which is a complete waste of time. Another thing is I love how in Sims 4 you can just click on certain body parts to change the form of that. So for example; click on the nose & it allows you to adjust it however you want, to your heart contends. I cannot wait much longer for Sims 4!

    24. i hope they can combine sims 2 and 3, like how they can still make paper airplanes out of news paper in sims 2, and do have an inventory like in sims 3, and i also hope that the graphics will be more soft instead of moving polygons

    25. I think it’d be cool to have a farm game pack or something like that. And expansion pack would probably be too large and a stuff pack too small. I wish there would be cows, chickens, goats, sheep, donkey,,, ect. I also think a new world would be necessary for this. A world where it is all farmland. This would preferably be after they release the pets expansion pack which i hope will be soon.


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