The sims 4 release date, news and rumours

    The sims 4 release date

    Release Date

    The sims 4 release date

    Founded 14 years ago with the release of The Sims back in 2000, this life simulation game has grown into an empire and become the bestselling series of all time.

    Announced May 6, 2013, The Sims 4 is set to release September 2 as stated at E3 2014 by its creators after over three years of production. Pre-order is, of course, available and promises to provide buyers with “Life of the Party” and “Up All Night”, each providing users with even more costumes, items, and themes.

    This next installment promises to continue pushing the bar with player interaction, having every action be decided with the latest in AI and then using those decisions to cause chain reactions within the game.


    Enhanced Customization

    The sims 4 release date

    A striking feature of The Sims 4 will be the character customization menu. We are all familiar with the menu and twenty sub-menus to alter the appearance of characters but Maxis is changing all of this. Gone are the days of sliders to make way for simply clicking on an area of the sim and dragging the feature until it suites the image in your head. Customization is going as far as allowing you to alter the sims’ walk styles.

    Combined with “emotional states”, your sims now express themselves facially and physically. For instance, if your sim is angry but has to work out, they will lift weights angrily. Contrary to what one might thing, this increased energy from the intensity of the emotion will actually help level up skills faster and form relationships quicker. But don’t get too caught up as the creators have added a feature where you can literally die of laughter.


    The sims 4 release date

    It seems that homosexuality is enough to give a game a mature rating in Russia. Consistent with their current anti-gay laws, they consider homosexuality to be harmful to children, so unless you are 18 or older, you cannot play The Sims 4. England, however, only sees this next installation as harmful to children 12 or younger and Germany rates it playable for ages 6 and up.

    Though there are no pornographic situations, sims are able to try for babies or, the ever popular, “WooHoo” with characters of the same gender. Standing strong, EA will not alter the game due to its sandbox nature, and the fact that the players’ interactions with the sims determine whether or not same-sex relations happen.



    The sims 4 release date

    With E3 having just confirmed countless rumors regarding The Sims 4, there is still one area of speculation still standing: minimum requirements. As of now, the game has only been confirmed for both PC and Mac (maybe Playstation 4 and Xbox One will join the list later), but the minimum specs have yet to be released.

    EA has spoken about making the game accessible to as many people as possible, hinting that there will even be adaptability for low-end computers based on the “Smart Sim” technology now running the game. Taking lessons from the issues with The Sims 3, this next addition to the series will prove to be fun and smooth for all, regardless of machine.