The Sims 4 – StrangerVille, what happens in this city?

    Sims 4, StrangerVille, sims 4 StrangerVille
    Sims 4, StrangerVille, sims 4 StrangerVille

    If you are passionate about the Sims 4 life simulation game, you will be even more so with the latest series release. You can now enjoy The Sims 4 StrangerVille. Released a few weeks ago, StrangeVille is becoming more and more interesting. The city is full of strange things. The inhabitants behave strangely. New sets animate the series. In any case, your sims will be facing the worst moment of its existence. And they must cautiously solve the biggest mysteries in the history of Sims 4. It is worth paying attention to everything that moves. You still need luck for your sims. For now, those who have a PC or Mac will have the opportunity to play.

    All you need to know about StrangeVille

    The developer of The Sims 4 continues to impress you with new series.

    Today, it’s time for StrangeVille to animate this game. PC and Mac owners are the first served. Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is necessary to know what is in this new city. Obviously, the game takes place in a desert place. The atmosphere is almost too cold. The decoration emerges from the movies of extra-terrestrials. Strange decor illuminates the city. There are plants that are not often found in this game. In addition, laboratories have been installed. Many other objects make this city the most bizarre.

    As for the inhabitants of the city, there are really some things unusual. People behave strangely in the alleyways. If you want to try to communicate with them, you would usually have no answer. It’s as if people are hypnotized by energy from elsewhere. It is this strange behavior that intrigues you. And that will lead you to search everywhere. Strangeville has a lot of people and places where everyone can meet like bars or restaurants. In this strange city, your sims will have the opportunity to consult scientists. There is a library where you can start a discussion with these scientists or some locals. Among other things, this city also has military personnel.

    The Sims 4 – StrangeVille, How it works?

    It is clear that your sims must imperatively carry out investigations to elucidate this mystery. But before that, you must introduce yourself to the habit of the citizens of StrangeVille. So you have to adapt to everything. It is particularly important to communicate well with the local population.

    To start, you have to take care of your sims. You have a lot of choice of outfits. It may be that your sims opt for a vintage look with faded jeans and a bomber jacket. But dressing up as a secret agent or laboratory scientist is also an alternative.

    It is only after that your sims should get to the heart of the matter. The steps to follow to elucidate this mystery are:

    • You have to travel around the city to collect as many clues as possible. You can start by going to collect information. Then, you must access the secret laboratory.
    • Then, it is also necessary to activate the Aspiration The StrangerVille mystery in the game to guide you.
    • The shop of curiosity is a help to pierce the bottom of the mystery. Just find it in the city.
    • Scientists can enlighten you in your research. They are often in the library.
    • But, to spy on the inhabitants of StrangerVille helps to better understand the mystery as well.

    In all your investigations you should be very careful. Your sims must be careful not to be contaminated by the virus that affects most people. However, you can actually all puzzle to elucidate this mystery.