The Sims 4: your sims will have the opportunity to work in freelance mode

    Sims 4, update, Sims 4 Freelancer
    Sims 4, update, Sims 4 Freelancer

    Looking for more fun with the game Sims 4, the developer offers you “freelancer update”. From now on, your sims will have the opportunity to stay at home with this new update. They no longer have to go to the office to work. Just stay in the simhouse. It’s over the busy schedules. It is therefore the auto entrepreneur mode. Maxis Studio offers the luxury of doing editorial work or whatever at your sims. However, only PC or Mac players who will benefit from this new update. A console release would still be planned soon.

    The Sims 4: What is the next Maxis update?

    Last April, Electronic Arts launched a new update of The Sims 4. This is the freelancer of The Sims 4.

    Your sims will have the opportunity to be independent. So you have the choice between working at home by writing on the Web, or entering the art of writing or programming. All work freelance.

    However, the benefits are enormous. No more daily stress, time constraints and especially the search for work for the unemployed. The major advantage of this new world is that it’s your sims that organize their schedule. They can stay at home by creating works of art. You may be wondering if you will make as much money as when you were in a private company. And yes, you are paid for each task performed.

    The Sims 4 – Freelancer Update: how it works?

    Of course in the Sims 4 Freelancer, your sims will be paid. Your little virtual characters could spend as they want their pay. They can go to the restaurant or relax in the game rooms to play bowling or other. As in the previous extensions, Freelancer works so that an agency helps you in finding tasks. The latter will offer you missions to fulfill as well in the drafting work, programming or other independent work. Your sims will earn money for each task performed. And increases can be made according to the quality of their work.

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