Update version 10.5.15: Origin has fixed some bugs

    update 10.5.15, Origin, Sims 4
    update 10.5.15, Origin, Sims 4

    Sometimes the game download platform like Origin has some problems. This seems to disturb the concentration of the players. A week ago, the online game download platform, Origin released an update in order to provide more comfort to gamers. Especially fans of the Sims 4 life simulation game will be well served. The platform has fixed some bugs. This is a new version 10.5.15. But, everyone will have the choice to activate or not this platform during the launch of game.

    Origin – maj 10.5.15: bugs encountered by users

    Released on March 28, the Origin version 10.5.15 update has made some changes to the platform in question. These include a digital distribution platform for games like the case of The Sims 4. Just launch the application to get a game update or the new objects kit. There are a lot of changes to offer more comfort to gamers.

    The purchase of BioWare downloadable content. There was a bug at the system level. Users saw a double download. This is not a scam. But, it’s only a problem of the platform in question. Among other things, the slow scrolling on Origin tools sometimes disturbs the players. This causes a waste of time for the players. Even worse. the Origin platform prevents gamers from taking a break especially after making a broadcast on Twitch. You can not change its status from Online to Away.

    Origin – maj 10.5.15: changes made to the download platform

    In the face of Origin’s many bug fixes, modifications have been made to impress gamers, including fans of The Sims 4. Players can now look forward to the new Origin version 10.5.15 update. The BioWare content download bug has been fixed. It will work in the background when launching your system. Slowness problem, the platform corrected the scrollbar for more speed. Other points were also reviewed by Origin. This could renew the gamers’ experience on the platform.

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