Vampires and the world of Forgotten Hollow, a new pack of Sims 4 will be available soon

    Sims 4, Vampires, Forgotten Hollow
    Sims 4, Vampires, Forgotten Hollow

    For this New Year, Electronic Arts opens the season of its Sims 4 with a new pack of games: The Sims 4 Vampires. This completely changes the life of his usual Sim. There, everyone can become a vampire. Even more brilliant, they thought of creating a new world: Forgotten Hollow which draws well a vampiric environment. So, get ready and take care of your computer or your game console, the release date of this pack is scheduled for January 24, 2017. The night will be long.

    Sims 4 Vampires, characteristics

    In a few weeks, players will have the opportunity to customize their Sim vampire. This new pack offers options: “Create a Sim” as well. There are two forms of vampires: standard and dark. In case of darkness, your Sim is supposed to live like a real vampire like having red eyes, frightening sockets, old look, stop aging naturally. By exposing themselves to the light of day, they risk catching fire. On the other hand, they have also supernatural powers. It is to transform other Sim into vampires and more others. It is possible to create your Sim outfit.

    Having a family of vampires is possible! Your Sim can be born vampires. They have only to wait until adolescence to know if they carry the embarrassment of the vampire. Therefore, they can live forever and perpetuate their offspring at Forgotten Hollow, their new home.

    Forgotten Hollow: new world of this Sims 4 pack

    Forgotten hollow? Founded by Vlad, this is the new world of the game pack The Sims 4 Vampires. Compared to the usual worlds of Sims 4, it is particularly an environment full of darkness suitable for vampires. The nights are longer. In addition, there is a thick fog and others. In the Construction mode, there are magnificent objects especially to create an ideal home for your Sim vampire.